Mother Teresa: a Charismatic Leader

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A charismatic leader is a very skilled communicator, they are fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing, and because of that they are able to convey on a profound, enthusiastic dimension with their followers.
There normally have talent to convey with a big number of people is what makes them really good in business and politics. Charismatic leaders are often known as the best to deal with problems and in showing passion on their line of work.

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“Mother Teresa: a Charismatic Leader”

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Mother Teresa is a good example of a charismatic leader; because of her work devotion to the poor. She was a catholic nun that after spending precisely 20 years teaching other nuns at St. Maryr’s School for Girls, decided to chase what she believed was her destiny.

She called herself the Jesus spouse for all eternity. Mother Teresa was known for her charity, selfishness and courage; her capacity for hard work and organization. She devoted her life to what she believed in with fidelity end joy.

Before she made what she called her destiny a reality, Mother Teresa moved to India and became an Indian citizen, she did a basic medical training in Patna, India. She also was the founder of a school in Kolkata, India.
Mother Teresa had to wait for the Vatican approval that took 2 years in order for her to found the Missionaries of Charity that started only with twelve members and then she was joined by her formers students. Following that in the years 1950r’s and 1960r’s she started to create a nursing home, many mobile clinics, an orphanage and a family clinic. She did not stop in Europe, in 1965 she opened a foundation in Venezuela, in 1968 in Tanzania, and in 1971 she opened her first charity house in the New York.

It was in 1979 when Mother Teresa received a Nobel Peace Prize. From this year until 1997 she was able to gather 4,000 followers and a little less than 600 foundations in 123 countries.
During her life she never stopped traveling around the world visiting her charity foundations and fulfilling her destiny, given love to the unloved and taking care of the uncared for, until her final days.

Mother Teresa died on September 5th 1997, the day of her funeral not only the poor were there to pay their respect, but people from high social class from Presidents to Queens all over the world were also there to pay their respect. She was loved by everyone!
Mother Teresa Used to say Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Charismatic leader
We can say that A Charismatic leader has many advantages. They normally are impetus for social change. On the other hand, they are not able to work properly on an organization that is not flexible upon a situation.


  • They motivate their followers to work as a group for the same mission;
  • Their organization is united because they make sure every follower understands their vision and mission;
  • They are devoted to their mission.


  • Their organizations can be vulnerable when the leader is not around anymore;
  • They can become self-centered and forget about the law.
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