Lakkis Farms Company Review

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Company Profile

Lakkis Farms was established in 2000, started with a small farm in the countryside that quickly grew into one of the top ranking in dairy and meat industries in the region. Lakkis Farm is nested in the heart of Beqaa away of any sources of pollution. The farms Provide a safe and healthy environment for its cattle.

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“Lakkis Farms Company Review”

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In 2005, a little traditional dairy industry saw the expansion in business, with a small restaurant and butchery. Lakkis Began in catering his menu and build a customer loyalty.

In 2012, Lakkis farms decided to enter a new technology within its dairy industry. A 1,100 m2 dairy industry was established in Hosh Tal Safia, conforming to the LIBNOR standards and offering a wide variety of dairy products.

In 2013, Zahle welcomed a new restaurant branch featuring a show room where you can purchase Lakkis dairy and meat products.

In 2015, Lakkis Farms acquired the ISO 22000 certification for dairy industries, as well as the HACCP certification.

In 2018, the will expand their business to Chtoura.

Product description

As a farmer owned company, Lakkis are commited to high standards of animal welfare, product quality and food safety. Their quality program gives us a long term perspective for farm management and is ur way of ensuring the quality of the products you enjoy.

Lakkis cows arenutritiously fed organic fodder and milked using ALPRO feeding systems to monitor and control milk poductionand undergo routine medical checkups, for Lakkis believe that improving animal welfare increases and raises the quality of production. Freshly drawn milk is automatically transferred into a sanitized pipe so that it doesn’t get exposed to any germs. At last, it is chilled at 4°C in a milkcooling tank which is automatically cleaned following each milk collection. Products like Lebanese milk, labneh, laban and cheese are done naturally in different types sheep or goats depending on people preference.

Lakkis dairy products satisfies Lebanese traditional dairy products from milk, labneh , laban, Halloum etc… Lakkis provides a fresh Halal meat to people that biuld a customer loyalty since meat need more trustness between people and the butcher himself. Their raw meat should be 100% fresh and Halal for people to buy. Most of Lebanese people prefer raw meat that provides Lebanese traditions.

Lakkis farms are ranked among the best eateries in Baalbek. Everyone who go to Baalbek should try Lakkis Safiha. The pies are stuffed with top quality meat from our own farms and the dough is baked with love and care. Lakkis farm provide people with a delicious and healthy barbecue food.

Factor Conditions

Factor condition is one of the most important factors in Porter’s Theory of National Competitive Advantage. It included elements that are available locally and a country can create for itself, such as skilled labor, natural resources, capital, etc…Possesing these elementsenable a company’s to be competent and offerexportable products.Lebanon is known to be a service industry, providing real estate, construction, and tourisim services. It is also known for its fertile lands, rich sunshine, and ample rain. As for the Lakkis Farm, the dairy products offered include milk, traditional labneh, Halloum cheese, etc… as well as meat from their butchery. The resources used to produce dairy are readily available in Lebanon and they are able to harvest organic foddle to feed the cows, due to the availability of fertile land and sufficient rain, which directly contributes to the quality of the products. Additionally, specialized expertise is available since labneh and halloum cheese are known to be traditional lebanese dairy. Raw meat is also known to be one of the Lebanese authentic dishes; therefore, there is an abundance in experienced labor in the field to prepare the meat under the required standards.Lakkis Farm can produce their products without importing key resources nor relying on foreign expertise in the production and assembling of their products.

Firm’s local rivals

Lakkis Farm major competitors include Tannayel Dairy, Khoury Dairy, and Candia. Tannayel is a strong, competitor and they are known to be the leading dairy company in Lebanon for their authentic and fresh products. Their farm is found in Bekaa Vally, where a constant supply of fresh milk is available. The second rival, Khoury, have their farm located in Ain Al Sindianeh–a town in Mount Lebanon. They offer traditional Lebanese dairy and flavored organic yogurt. Lastly, Candia is the leading producer of milk in France. LibanLait established a franchise agreement with Candia to produce and distribute their products in Lebanon. As a French dairy company, their product line includes milk and yogurts.

Firm’s structure and strategy

‘’We believe our products activities and growth should not only create value for the farmers who own Lakkis farms. They should also improve the lives of people, help our customers to grow, bring exciting opportunities to colleagues working here and contribute positively to society’’

It’s known to anyone who have heard or worked with us at Lakkis Farms that we develop the business positively. Like any business for it to achieve the potential success that any leading company wishes to achieve positivity is a key to succeed. Positivity at work helps and motivates workers to give a 100 % into anything they have at hand.

We trust that our products exercises and development ought not just to make an incentive for the agriculturists who own Lakkis Farms. They ought to likewise enhance the lives of individuals, assist our clients with growing their business, convey energizing chances to partners working here and contribute positively to society. Our key establishment guides us in delivering the desire.

Local conditions have affected Lakkis Farms various strategy. Local rivalry has forced Lakkis Farms to move beyond basic advantages. The Porters Diamond Theory can explain the grounds for the competitiveness of Lakkis Farms. The single objective is to position Lakkis Farms as the premier source for a wide range of dairy products and healthy items in Lebanon. Our marketing strategy will seek to create customer awareness regarding the products that we offer, develop the customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty and referrals.

Our findings indicate that the message that we will seek to communicate is that we offer one of the largest selection of healthy and tasteful products in Lebanon.

This generates large amounts of visibility for Lakkis Farms. Our other marketing strategies will be:

  • Creating Awareness and Building Image
  • Retaining Customers
  • New dairy products Promotions & offers

Strategy # 1

Creating awareness and building image: Informing our target market what Lakkis farms offers through effective positioning.


Advertisements in leading newspapers, radios and televisions.

  • Billboards
  • Sales Promotion
  • Discount for credit card holders
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing

Strategy # 2

Retaining customers: Our best sales in the future will come from our loyal customers.

  • Benefits for loyal customers& fidelity cards.
  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Follow up contacts. Our strategic foundation guides us in delivering the ambition.

Demand Conditions

Due to high demand, Lakkis farms started its own catering business in 2007, providing a rich menu that will leave your guests in awe. Lakkis farms plans more for expanding their business more and more started from Beqaa Zahle reaching Baalbeck and Chtoura knowing that there are many competitors facing Lakkis farm such as: Taanayel, Jaber, Issam Touma farm etc… Lakkis farm has its own advantages and customer loyalty to people to deal with. Increasing in demand means Lakkis satisfied people’s needs and expectations.

Related and supporting industries

Local competition has created innovations and cost effectiveness for the Lakkis Farms due to the excellent pricing strategy and production, which has also put the pressure on local suppliers to lift their game. Like any other business whenever another company enters the market it poses a threat onto all other companies and farms especially us at Lakkis farms since we have been in the market since 2000, which is a good period of time and we strive for more success and ambitions but no one can discard the fact that the farms that have been in Lebanon for more than 2 & 3 decades are very stable and hardly effected by rivalries or new competitors.

The Porters Diamond Theory can elucidate the reasons for the competitiveness of Lakkis Farms. Our closest competitors in Lebanon are Taanayel farms. Their product line is also quite similar to what we. We believe that no matter whom our competitors are there is no one near our products in terms of quality and design but they still pose a threat. People choose lesser quality, mainstream products mainly due to their lower price.

Conclusion and recommendations

Whichever Lakkis dairy product is your favorite, you can be sure that it comes from a farmer-owned dairy company. Lakkis Farms milk comes from the farmers who own Lakkis Farms and it is carefully handled by the dedicated team at Lakkis Farms which is passionate about bringing milk’s natural goodness to you and your family. Good Growth describes who we are and how we are creating the future of dairy. It is what we stand for as a company, defined and shaped by our actions. We believe in safe, natural and healthy dairy products. We strive to have a leading mindset, a sensing approach and a creating culture…

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