Jolley Rancher Essay

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Jolly Ranchers memories... Jolly Ranchers are a wonderful candy, and bring up a fond memory every time I smell that wonderful scent they give off. Back in the day, when I was in my childhood and losing my baby teeth, as everyone knows, was having a painful time of getting them out. After thinking long and hard about how I was going to solve the problem I could only think of one way. I would have to ask my father, who was a practicing dentist to remove them painfully. Just thinking of the dentist when I was young made a chill go up my spine because of all the cartoons I would watch as a child that would depicted the dentist as a horrible monster that rips and saws at your teeth. The buzzing of the drill, the bright lights shining in your eyes, the look of the dentist wearing the face mask all came to mind when I was a child which made me avoid the dentist at all costs. Since I was young, the dentist was a terrifying person so I tried to avoid the idea but knowing it would have to come back eventually. I decided a change was in order because there was no way I was going to tell my dad to take them out. I figured that the painful part was all the wiggling and pulling it out sideways; if I could find something sticky to pull it out straight, then it would be a lot easier. The solution came to me while I was sucking on a Jolly Rancher in the car. When you bite a Jolly Rancher you've just put in your mouth, it sticks to your teeth pretty good. With this method I pulled out seven teeth near painlessly compared to going to the dentist. For every tooth that came out I would place under my pillow and I would stay up all night for the tooth fairy to pay me a visit and reward me for my teeth. After the last tooth that fell out, the tooth fairy left a note under my pillow. It said, “Enough with the Jolly Ranchers because they will cause cavities in your teeth and you would have to visit the dentist. ” From that day on I left my teeth to fall on out their own. That is how every time when I see or smell a Jolly Rancher the fond memories of my childhood came back to me and show me how much I have changed since I was young.
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