Democracy VS Communism

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Governance refers to the rules, norms, as well as values used by political leaders in managing public affairs. However, while some leaders argue that a democratic government is the best, others feel that a communism administration is the most suitable form of governance. Through democracy, citizens enjoy numerous benefits such as transparency, inclusivity, and greater freedom that make it the best type of governance.

One of the advantages of a country governed under the principles of democracy is that it promotes the freedom of its people. For instance, citizens enjoy higher levels of participation in making decisions relating to political, social, as well as economic matters through a majority vote (Mainwaring, & Timothy 401). People have the liberty to choose their leaders who represent them in the government. They have the opportunity to vote for other issues of public interest in a democratic manner without unnecessary coercion. Likewise, democracy has higher levels of transparency on the leaders. It allows the people to hold the leaders accountable for their actions since they are ordinarily answerable to the public (Mainwaring, & Timothy 401). The citizens have the power to vote out the leaders who cannot account for their actions from the positions of governance.

Therefore, democracy provides people with more freedom to exercise their rights as opposed to other forms of governance.

Similarly, as John F. Kennedy explains in his speech in West Berlin, numerous challenges are associated with freedom and that democracy is not free from fault. However, there was no need to build a wall to prevent people from leaving East Berlin to rejoin with their families and friends living in West Berlin against their will (Woodcock 78). Restricting people’s movement by Russia’s communist system was a crime against humanity and an indication of a failed system of governance. In contrast, people living in the West Berlin enjoyed sufficient freedom provided by the democratic system in the region. Likewise, the end of communism and the Iron Curtain ideology in East Germany, Romania and Czechoslovakia and the eventual execution of Ceausescu and Nicolae were also indicators of a failed system (Clark's History Reels 1). Thus, democracy provides freedom of choice to its people and therefore better than communism.

Besides, democracy promotes the establishment of the stable as well as peaceful governments. In a democratic nation, people have regular opportunities to participate in inclusive, fair, and free elections, and thus they can quickly engage the governments. As a result, the citizens do not need to engage in violence for them to change the current government, as it is in the case with states that exercise dictatorship (Stares n.p). Besides, countries, which are democratic, respect and uphold the people’s fundamental human rights. For instance, they do not restrict the freedom of its citizens to assemble, have a fair trial, or even freely make a speech. Democracy does not also encourage or tolerate discrimination and exclusion of some of its citizens based on racial, gender and other personal differences (Mainwaring, & Timothy 401). Because of the numerous advantages that arise from democracy, it proves to be the most suitable form of governance.

In conclusion, democracy is a better leadership approach over communism due to the many benefits that it provides to the people. Democratic governments are generally more stable and peaceful as leaders uphold human rights, promote freedom of speech, and encourage inclusivity. Besides, it also improves the transparency and accountability of the democratically elected leaders. Leaders across the world should adopt democratic leadership for the people to benefit from the many advantages that it provides.

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