Jack the Ripper: a Criminal Mastermind

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Jack the Ripper

Imagine one person who fooled and manipulated a group of people and was never found or held responsible. Jack the ripper is well known for being a serial killer. He is so known to this day because of how he went about his crimes. He wrote letters to the police in the area of the crimes to taunt them and tell them what he was going to do. He brutally mutilated his victims whenever they were already dead. Jack was also a elusive person, always dodging police and leading them on. Jack the Ripper is one of the most renowned killers in history.

Jack wrote letters to the police taunting them and telling them what he was going to his victim. During his run, he wrote the infamous Dear boss letter. In the letter he says, The next job I do, I shall clip the lady's ears off and send them to the police officers. My knife is so sharp I want to get to work right away (Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Ripper Letters 1). This information is important because it gives proof that he would write to the police. He eventually wrote another letter called the From Hell letter. In the letter it reads, I may send you the bloody knife if you wait a while longer. During that time they obviously didn't have fingerprints able to match so he took full advantage of that. He would constantly do things like this to throw the police off of their game. This strategy he used is one of the reasons he is well known.

Jack the ripper mutilated his victims pre and post-death. He would do things like cut limbs off and cut their throats. All the women murdered were prostitutes, and all except for one - Elizabeth Stride - were horribly mutilated (History - Historic Figures: Jack the Ripper(?) 1). This is important because it shows not only that he in fact did mutilate his victims, but who he did it to specifically. Jack would do other disturbing things like slit his victims post-death. Once victim was dead, only then the throat was cut. And it was most likely cut from the side and the front. (Lier 1). This is important because it explains how he did things that were disturbing post-death to his victims to make a lasting impact. Jack did very impressionable things to his victims that separate him from other killers.

Jack the Ripper constantly was eluding police. He took advantage of the police department and the fact that they were under-manned and the fact that the technology then was little to none. One of the major problems faced by police was they were severely under-manned (Jones 1). This is important because this supports the claim that jack the ripper could operate freely. Also another big factor is the press in the area gave them constant scrutiny. Morale wasn't helped by constant criticism (Jones 1). This is important information because the police cracked under pressure and it threw them off of their game and Jack took full advantage. Jack the ripper was a very elusive killer.

Jack the Ripper is a very memorable killer for his elusiveness, awareness, and brutality. He was successful in sense because he was never caught or credited for his work. During his spree he would taunt police by sending them letters to tell them what he was going to do and who his next victims were gonna be. He is also remembered because he was very brutal to his victims, but not only when he killed them, but post-mortem. In every sense of being a murderer, Jack the Ripper is a criminal mastermind.

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