Famous Serial Killer: Jack the Ripper

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On the streets of one of London's poorest and most crime-ridden cities, Jack the Ripper, also known as the white chapel murders, who's identity still remains unclear, managed to expose Victorian society, and in doing so, taught citizens to become more aware of their surroundings and their appalling social conditions. The crimes made by famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, had a huge impact in the slums of London and society as a whole.

        Five dead women later, Jack's reign of terror lasted 12 weeks, which later gave him the title of world's famous serial killer. The strangest part is to this day it is still unclear who Jack the Ripper actually was, there is no known information about him, not even a name. Thanks to the daily newspaper at the time Jack the Ripper got more coverage than he probably deserved, which was his goal all along, and effectively became a menacing media figure.

        His name, Jack the Ripper, first appeared as the signature on a letter sent to head of London news at the end of September. This name turned five deadly murders, also known as the five canonical victims, into a worldwide phenomenon and of launching the unknown evildoer who was responsible for the crimes into the land of a legend.

        While Jack got the attention he craved for his victims weren't so lucky, it is known that during his murder spree his victims only consisted of women, who particularly those who were known for prostitution, which at the time seemed to be easy targets, and was legal as long as it didn't disturb the public. The ripper seized women by their throats and strangled them to death, and usually took a piece of the victims viscera, equivalent to a trophy. His first victim was unfortunate enough to have her abdomen carved open and intestines partly dragged out.  It is made to believe the killer had some anatomical knowledge so many suggested he was a doctor of some sort and also had experience with a knife.

Serial killers are often either classified as sociopaths or psychopaths. It is known that psychopaths suffer from mental chronic disorders and often have violent tendencies, while sociopaths form personality disorders that exhibit severe attitudes and behaviors. So the question remains; was Jack the Ripper a sociopath or psychopath?

        Sociopaths usually end up the way they are due to a traumatic childhood. Jack the Ripper was known to be a sociopath because of the concentrated murders and mutilation of the women's bodies. The witty letters written written to the newspaper also suggest he felt no remorse for what he did and might have even enjoyed it.

        Sociopaths are known to be manipulative, lack empathy, often lie, and have a weak conscience that drives them to act out in an aggressive manner or act recklessly, even when they understand what they're doing is wrong. Those diagnosed with the antisocial personality disorder come off as disturbed, but they can also show signs of caring, trustworthiness, and sincerity, but don't let that fool you, sociopaths are known to do anything to get what they want.

        Many people believe most sociopaths are only known to be dangerous crazy serial killers, but that remains a myth, your parents, boss, or friend could be sociopath. They make it plain and simple to see they lack empathy and care for no one else but their self, they also make excuses for their actions and often blame others. It is a known fact 1 in 25 people are sociopaths, which could be any of you in this room. Despite what researchers say, this internal disconnect may be masked by a charming demeanor, so being aware of who you decide to become friends with is crucial for your own mental health.

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