Is V for Vendetta a Book?

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This entire graphic novel is about a about a girl named Evey Hammond, in London 1997, who wants to become a prostitute in order to make more money. But she is then caught by police officers who threatens her by saying that they are going to rape and kill her. Then to her surprise a man in a mask, V, appears kills the men and whooshes her away to the roof and watch the Parliament explode. After he takes her to his home to show her around and introduce himself. In his home are artworks and book that were banned by the government. With the help of Evey, V goes around kills people that have ties to the Larkhill Prison, which is where he was detained and experimented on. Then later on throughout the story, when Evey wants to take revenge on Harper for killing Gordon, she is knocked out and dragged into a prison. Then as she is tortured for many days and then to her surprise V was behind the whole thing and he wanted to set her free. Later Finch goes into Larkhill Prison and get the same treatment as V did so he can think like him, he figures out where his lair is and kills him. Evey then takes his place in becoming a rebellion figure, which the whole story begins to repeat again as Evey or “V” saves a man.

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“Is V for Vendetta a Book?”

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Evey, the protagonist, is a girl who is saved by V and joins V in the fight against the government and people who mistreated him. Evey although can be argued either way for and against being the antagonist, go with V killing people and trying to spark riot throughout London. Evey then, after V dies, carries out V’s work. Then the Leader, who is the head of all the branches of the government (Nose, Finger, Ear, and Eye). He is the person Evey is fighting against in order to bring down the government.

A symbol in the story is V himself or the idea of him. V symbolizes himself of a sign of rebellion that he is not just a regular everyday man, he is much greater than that. When V dies, he doesn’t want Evey to remove he mask as he thinks it will strip him of his “powers”. It will defeat the mystery of V. That is also why Evey steps in as V to keep his symbol alive and to keep the rebellion alive.

This text reflects on rebellion and revolution by demonstrating how in real life rebellions are. It also draws attention to the government and seek justice and how they interact with the civilians. In the text, V draw attention and justice towards the government. He kills the people that tortured him and the corrupt government that did nothing about it. It was similar to when MLK Jr. stood up for equal right and was one of the many people who were the face of the movement. But how MLK Jr. was assassinated and some people lost hope. The people in the book never knew who V was so when the real V died and Evey stepped in and kept the rebellion image alive.

I would define the success/ failures of a rebellion very much in shades of gray. I would define a success as one or more of the goal and objectives that is being fought for resolved. I would define a failure as nothing that you have been fighting for has been resolved and you have not gotten anywhere within the fight. Although some revolutions can be seen as just success or failure, but most are both successes and failures. For example, compromises can be viewed as both a success and a failure.

Rebellions and revolutions in any system are inevitable. In any system that effects a lot of people, there will be disagreements within the system, whether it will be about policies or rules. Everyone will disagree although with each other, but seen throughout history the more people involved within a rebellion, the more effective it will be.

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