To Kill a Mockingbird Book Vs Movie

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To begin with, To Kill a Mockingbird is a very worldwide known book. This book was published in 1960 and became a bestseller. After the success of the book, it became a film that everyone was watching. Throughout this book, you are able to notice a lot of different themes such as love, Kindness, Cruelty, Hatred, and Humor. This book tells the story of a young little girl who lives in a small town with her father and her brother. They encounter many trials and tribulations as the book goes on. The difference between watching the movie and reading the book is that when you are watching the movie you are able to feel what each of the characters are going through because you can see the emotion on their faces and by the way that they act with the other character.

When you are reading the book you only get some feelings because you are not able to see each individual's interactions with each other because the book is not as descriptive as the movie. There is a big difference in reading the book and watching the movie. Something that made me really into the book is where Scout is with her family and her brother does not treat her like a brother should. Instead, he treats her with disrespect because she is a girl. Many people are able to relate to this situation because of the big stereotype that girls are not able to do the things that boys can do and therefore should not be as important as the things that boys can do.

The main point of To Kill A Mockingbird was for scout and her brother Jem become very good friends with a little boy named Dill that lives in their neighborhood they become really close to each other and make a quest to figure out why Arthur Radley(Boo) has not been seen and why he is not allowed to come outside of his house. While the kids are going through this journey they find that weird things are happening around the Radley. The children kept finding presents around the Radley property and believed that they were left for them buy the little boy named Boo who live in the Radley house.

In an unknown event, there is a fire that broke out in a neighborhood and the children were watching the fire from nearby and as they were watching somebody put a blanket over scout as she was with the other children and nobody saw who that person was. The children kept wondering if that could have been Boo Radley. As Jem and scout go through this journey they learn a very valuable lesson that who should never judge people by the way that they look act or things that they do.

They learn this very important lesson while watching their father Atticus defending Tom Robinson who is a black man that is being accused of raping a white woman by the name of Mayella Ewell. Through all of the chaos, Atticus' sister appeared and wants to teach Scout how to be a grown lady she also wanted to show the kids what it means to have a family and being supported by each other because some people may not have the same things that they do so you always need to love one another and be grateful for what they have. As the day of Tom Robinsons trial comes along Scout and Jem show up to court to listen to the trial and the children are able to figure out that Mayella and her father are not being completely truthfull in the story rhat the yare telling.

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