My Impressions from Pride and Prejudice Book

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Pride and Prejudice is set in Longbourn, England during the Napoleonic Wars, between 1797 and 1813. This is important because it gives you an idea of how life was like back then, and that it was normal for girls to marry young and for parents to set their daughters up with an older man.

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“My Impressions from Pride and Prejudice Book”

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A wealthy man named Charles Bingley moves in nearby. His moving in strikes the attention of the Bennet family, who wishes to marry off their daughters. After many dances, Mr. Bingley is taken with Jane. Mr. Bingley introduces his friend Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth, who finds she is not pleased with Darcyr’s attitude, and swears to never dance with him. Jane then travels to Mr. Bingleyr’s house and catches a cold, and Elizabeth goes to take care of her, where she finds out that Mr. Darcy has taken a liking to her. Bingley and Darcy move back to London unexpectedly. Jane and Elizabeth visit several times, and Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, to which she declines. A while later, Bingley and Darcy return, and they propose to Jane and Elizabeth, and the two accept and get married.

The story is written in third-person omniscient, so the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of each character. The narrator helps describe how Bingley and Darcy feel about their love interests, which adds to the story and makes it more exciting.

The protagonist is Elizabeth Bennet, the most witted and intelligent Bennet sister. She is clever and honest, but often finds herself making too harsh of judgment. Jane Bennet is described as the most beautiful Bennet sister and has a gentle spirit. Charles Bingley is a wealthy man who is very reserved, genuine, and kind. Fitzwilliam Darcy, however, is very much the opposite, and is seen as very prideful and snobby. The antagonist is George Wickham, who gets in the way of Darcy and Elizabeth. He is extremely charming and quickly caught the attention of Elizabeth, who he lied to about Darcy to make her think poorly of him, but in the end helps Elizabeth come to her senses about Darcy.

Three symbols in the story are marriage, dance, and freedom. Marriage is a symbol throughout the book, because it seems as if everyone is looking for love throughout the story. Every girl is focused on getting married and finding their true love. Dance is a symbol in the story because the balls are where very many important things happened, and dancing symbolizes how they find their love. Freedom is symbolized by them trying to get out on their own to find a significant other and go their own way through life.

The theme of the book is love, and the relationships between Jane and Bingley and Elizabeth and Darcy. Though they might have to overcome many obstacles, in the end, love finds a way.

I would recommend this book, because itr’s a very good story and itr’s very entertaining. However, itr’s difficult to follow along with.

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