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Analysing the Political Cartoons

The political cartoons about the Irish troubles drawn by a number of prominent cartoonists in the early 1970s differed sharply from the cartoons produced by artists during the peace process in the 1990s. Arguably this could be down to a number of factors. Firstly, cartoonists in the 1970s were much more likely to attack specific […]

Pages: 32 Words: 9631 Topics: Ireland, Satire

Secularisation in Contemporary Ireland | Sociology

This study will investigate whether, and in what ways secularisation is occurring in contemporary Ireland. Theories of secularisation, and arguments against the process, abound, and this is a hotly debated topic. How, and in what ways might secularisation be said to be taking place within a given society? This study will attempt to make a […]

Pages: 25 Words: 7467 Topics: Belief, Catholic, Ireland, Marriage, Research
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A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift How Swift uses satire to express his true feelings of the situation in Ireland Jonathan Swift, a well-known writer did many topics and used satire in his works to express his message. This was a technique he used to reach his audience and make sure the message reached the […]

Pages: 6 Words: 1856 Topics: Ireland, Irony, Modest Proposal, Poverty, Reasoning, Satire, Writer

UK Country Profile

Physical Geography 1. Official Name of the Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2. Climate: temperate, mild, southwest winds over North Atlantic Coast, overcast, varied soils, 33.7 inches of precipitation (rain/snow) over 133 days, oaks, elm, ash, beech, woods, fens, marsh areas, moorland, heather, grasses, cliffs, mountains 3. Map: 55.3781° N, 3.4360° […]

Pages: 3 Words: 917 Topics: Ireland, Profile, United Kingdom, United States

“The Dead” by James Joyce

James Joyce’s story ‘The Dead’ tremendously affects the perusers, particularly the individuals who know about the political circumstance in Ireland at the time about which Joyce composed the last story in Dubliners. In investigating the importance of James Joyce’s long short-story, ‘The Dead’, there are numerous basic ways to deal with the take. Each approach […]

Pages: 3 Words: 895 Topics: Emotions, Ireland, Metaphor, Short Story, Writing
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