Management Information Systems Essay

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Management information systems play a huge role in the success of business and organizations .Management information system is defined as a system using formalized procedures to provide management at all levels in all functions with appropriate information based on data from both internal and external sources, to enable them to make timely and effective decisions for planning, directing and controlling the activities for which they are responsible (Argyris, 2011). From the appearance of human language until the universal application of computer, mankind never stopped improving information technology. From the middle of last century people started associating information technology with computers. Nowadays, computers, data centers, servers, database management systems and specialized software applications are managed by information technology departments, systems and databases administrators. Information technology supports modern businesses and has become an important part of life (Alliance, 2011). Markgraf(2018) argues that in order to gain maximum benefits from an organization information system there is a need to exploit all of its capabilities. He suggest that increasing information systems effectiveness involves adding more data to make the information system more accurate or use the information system in a new way. The purpose of an information systems varies depending on the sector the system covers, but systems generally support operations and decisions made within organizations as well as helping with data storage and facilitating management. (Okundi, 2018) .

A management information system is generally thought of as an integrated, user-machine system providing information to support operations, management and decision-making functions in an organization (Adeoti, 2010) . As a matter of fact, an MIS is a special-purpose system useful for management in an organization. MIS is an accessible and rapid conveyor belt for appropriate high quality information from its generation to its users. The heart of an effective MIS, therefore, is a carefully conceived, designed and executed database. Its level corresponds to adaptive decisions. When you base your decisions on data available from management information systems, they reflect information that comes from the operations of your company. Management information systems take data generated by the working level and organize it into useful formats. Management information systems typically contain sales figures, expenses, investments and workforce data. If you need to know how much profit your company has made each year for the past five years to make a decision, management information systems can provide accurate reports giving you that information (Markgraf, 2018) . Any decisions you make result in changes in the projected company results and may require modifications to your business strategy and overall goals. Management information systems either have trend analysis built in or can provide information that lets you carry out such an analysis. Typical business strategies include projections for all fundamental operating results. A trend analysis allows you to show what these results would be in the current situation and how they will change once you have implemented the decisions you have taken. The new values form the basis of your strategic approach going forward.

The study analyzed how information systems facilitate football clubs. To fulfill these purposes this study adopted a design strategy which contained theoretical and empirical parts. It gave a way on how to operate and improve works to solve and avoid problems in various sectors in order to facilitate football clubs. This study choose a suitable information system development methodology and designs a general football club information system model. In the empirical study a questionnaire survey was made to check and complete a general football club information system model. The Goal of this study was meant to help football club managers realize possible influence and significance brought by information systems. The study was done to be useful as a reference for football club managers and software developers when they try to establish or improve football club information system. This study proved that information systems can facilitate football clubs in business processes and operations, internal communication and decision-making; furthermore, it supports football club business strategies and helps establish a powerful human resource management project.

The study was conducted after noticing that increasingly, technological innovations was making an entrance within the sport sector. The National Basketball Association (NBA) in America has been the conductor of the train speeding into the sporting world's technological future, however little evidence of this development could be found in Belgian basketball. The main objective of the study was to provide insights into what factors determine the innovativeness of a basketball organization by investigating how the decision process with regard to technological innovations develops and what could serve as potential influences in this development. The study adopted a qualitative approach based on in-depth interviews with key persons in multiple basketball organizations over Belgium, all of which participate in the first division of Belgian basketball. An intensive coding approach was performed to structure the data obtained by the interviews. A conceptual framework was developed that provides an overview of all relevant influencing factors of innovation within the organization, grouped in four categories.

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