Integration of Gods Character in the Workplace

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For most managers today they may not know how to handle situations that may arise in the workplace. These individuals have employees who will upset them at some point. It is important for these managers to keep a sense of peace while making crucial decisions that affect not only their employees but also the corporation. We will look at how Gods teachings and using Gods character will lead to managers making a more competent decisions and by not escalating the situation. This must be achieved by using balance within the organization to make it more effective.

Handing situations with Gods character

From the Biblical Integration case study, we do see the Brand Manager making informed decisions regarding Mr. Emerson’s less than professional behaviors. Ellen, the Branch Manager did handle the situation with compassion by weighing in on the complaints being made by employees who felt they are being mistreated by Mr. Emerson. It is also apparent that Ellen did use mercy by not terminating Mr. Emerson after the first few complaints. This handling is best reflected in “But God being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ – by grace you have been saved” 

 Ellen not only showed mercy to Mr. Emerson but she also showed the love she has for the insubordinates who Mr. Emerson did upset by his mishandling of a few situations. Ellen did handle the situation correctly by using Gods graces and mercy. She gave Mr. Emerson time to correct his behavior, that he only chose to correct, when he felt it was necessary. Mr. Emerson would correct his poor leadership skills only when he felt his employment was threatened. Ellen did her job effectively by relieving Mr. Emerson of his duties after attempting to correct his negative and destructive behavior to his employees.

Without God’s Character

Ellen did utilize God’s character. She did not make a decision that was without God’s character. If she had made any decision without God’s Character Mr. Emerson would have been terminated long before he was let, go. She did use God’s teaching of, God is good. She not only took the time to explain his duties of the new role but also try to show Gods love, compassion, and kindness in doing so. She tried to show favor as well since she did let the minor infractions go by not correcting the on occasion missed deadline or the transposed numbers. By the end of Mr. Emerson career Ellen did show another one of Gods character traits of “God is just” by doing what was right and just by terminating Mr. Emerson do to his insubordination of not following company policy.

Handling the situation differently

Although Ellen did handle the situation professionally as well as respectfully there are a few different avenues that may have been taken. When Ellen heard the first few complaints, she could have insisted that Mr. Emerson retake the coaching and mentoring instruction of his employees over again in a refresher course. This should have been a requirement so Mr. Emerson would not have the excuse he had forgotten some of the policies. Ellen could have also insisted that Mr. Emerson treat his employees as well as he did his customers. He evidently knew how to build his customer base by treating them better than he did his employees. 

This could have been pointed out to Mr. Emerson if he treated his employees as well as his customers, he would have a stronger team in which to work with. This would have made his branch even more successful instead of creating a negative or hostile work environment. Mr. Emerson should have taken personal responsibility of his actions instead of just denying them. Denying his issues did not solve them since he was terminated for the negative behavior towards his staff. This should have been dealt with in a timelier manner.

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