Individualism and Democracy in America

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Democracy was formulated as a governance approach to address the needs of different population groups. However, individualism in the society has overlooked this intended purpose whereby the needs of the majority poor are often ignored as they are of no financial gain both to the government and businesses. The author highlights a common practice by most businesses, the formulation or offering support to political positions that are contrary to the preferences of the democratic majority. By using an example on how businesses often ignore these preferences for individualistic business gains, it can be acknowledged that government policies are formulated not to favor the preferences of the citizens, but rather the business groups. The author’s remarks are a true reflection of the happenings in today’s society. Businesses rarely propagate the enactment of policies that support the interest of the majority but are inclined towards those that address their needs. The use of an example on how a different situation might have elicited a dissimilar opposition emphasizes on the aspect that, when the government officials articulate policies, they serve the interest of the business instead of that of the public. Therefore, this is an actual replica of the happenings in the individualistic, democratic American society.

Notably, rhetorical questions have been used in the article to emphasize the author’s point of view and get the audience thinking. This is an effective approach to influence the readers as it elicits interest on the subject matter. This is followed suit by a compressive discussion on the tactical approach deployed by businesses, “advertorials,” to preserve their advantaged position. Through this, the article emphasizes on how businesses tend to equate real societal issues with democracy while silencing issues that might raise questions regarding their privilege. For example, gun lobbyists in America today have highlighted the need for possessing assault rifles in the name of “personal protection” despite the danger it poses by equating it to their democratic right. With this, it can be acknowledged that increased emphasis on individualism has heightened the reluctance to address wider political issues that are of importance to the general society.

The sense of individualism has increased the emphasis on reduced political participation. The article addresses this American culture by highlighting varying reasons that have in the past been used to propagate this practice. Indeed, the Americans are reluctant to participate in politics on the notion that it has little influence on their lives. Despite this, it can be acknowledged that their material well-being is highly dependent on political involvement. For instance, it the 2012 elections, there was a turnout rate of approximately 53% thereby highlighting the problematic nature of the individualist culture. According to the article, this is enhanced by the interest of having benefits distributed through the marketplace instead of political policies. The use of the example of the U.S healthcare system highlights on how this culture intensifies bias. To negate these practices, group-based affiliations have formed the basis of American politics. However, this too works at the disadvantage of the lower-class Americans. By highlighting on this bias, the author reflects on the current situation in the American system whereby the highly disadvantaged people are the lower class. While the higher class has their share in policy formulations, these groups have been subjected to significant disadvantages. To emphasize on this issue, the article highlights on the American labor unions and compare them to that of Sweden from which this practice of bias can be admitted to be in existence.

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