Indirectly Consuming Plastic

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Just how energy transfers from one living thing to another the nutrients consumed by the prior consumer are transferred. This brings up how consuming sea animals who have been exposed to plastic toxins can be harmful towards humans digestive system. It can essentially become a straight pathway for the consumption of plastic by humans (Wright et la, 2017). It can damage a lot of internal organs and it can potentially just sit in your stomach. Since plastic does not decompose easily, the toxins will stay in your body and it can all lead to death. There has been evidence found in fishes’ skin, which contains traces of plastic toxins. In addition to sea animals, microplastics have been found in other food sources such as honey and sugar. It can simply damage multiple organs.

This contamination of microplastics is simply described as airborne (Wright et la., 2017). Which is another suggestion of how little the population knows of what they are consuming and where it comes from. Our food sources come from companies in which it is unsure how they produce their products as well as the process. Which makes it more likely that humans are consuming a lot of toxins, which are found in microplastics. A major issue that was facing in today’s world is that there is a lot of poverty and hunger. Families in third world countries have to search in trash piles for food in order to survive. This becomes a problem because a lot of people have malnutrition do to talk since found in their food sources, which includes plastic.

This is why the death rate in developing countries is very high but it does not affect the high percentage of birth rates and how fast the population is rising. This is what leads people to search for ways to survive, especially young kids. This is also affecting the water they eat as well as the air they breathe. An example of this would be Hong Kong, which due to the high population they are at risk of being polluted by microplatics (So et la, 2018). These microbeads have been found in various everyday utilities, such as cosmetics and these microbeads are later on found in water. Which can put their people at risk of death and a spread of diseases, once it has spread in the water. The thing is that scientist have not been able to find a specific set of symptoms that are caused by indirectly consuming plastic.

They do believe it is filled with toxins and can easily be transmitted to humans through seafood. This, of course, differs in the United States, there is a large quantity of plastic but there is not a financial issue along with it. Since it is a developed country, the microplastics are mainly consumed through the food as aforementioned. In the United States, there are programs to help those in need, such as food stamps and soup kitchens.

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