Important Information about Earthquakes

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        In this report I will write about earthquakes.  An interesting fact about earthquakes is that they are earthquakes.  Another interesting fact is that when  people along long long   wen the earth  started to shake .  I learned that they are some kind of machine that measures if a earthquake is going to kame they are  used by  scientist  because they are the ones  to alert the people from the city .  I will explain about where you can’t see  giants enamore  and this  is very semple the giants don’t  exist anymore.  I will also tell you about the landforms of volcanoes.  At the end of my report I will tell you why  important. Because they along long long time like 1000,0000,0000 millions of go the earthquakes ware owns to make the  shape of the continents and that means that the earth quakes are important because they are very strong.

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“Important Information about Earthquakes”

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        And along long time ago the people think that  when the  earth sake  the people say the at in was moving because  the goods ware fitting  vs giants and when people think that the earth wa sakeng ten some people in that time  when the earth was saken  some people  say that when the earth kques ware kreatin a mountain   and the people along long time they say that they say  giants  that  died  because they say magma   and  the lava is red  and that’s how the people  say  that  they are giants died. And do you know who powerful  earthquakes are  the most powerful earthquake  that existed ha pen in the 20 because a mega earthquake happened and that was when the metiuret went to earth when the dinosaurs existed   and they are  also they have been existing .  They are made of?.  Scientists are learning more about by student.  


They create landforms and volcanoes  and they existed seans the earth was formed.


They are i pourtant because   what if there is like a Earthquake happens  when  you are in school and then and then you are not informative and then  that why the Earthquakes are important   and then that why the earthquakes are important  because now they can be alert       


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  • One source that I have done is about Earthquakes is that one interesting fact about
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