One of the most Important Elements

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In Greek Mythology, perhaps one of the most important elements are the Greek Gods and Goddesses. The ancient Greeks created the stories about the lives and journeys of the Greek Gods, known as myths, simply different information which were difficult to explain using modern science. These myths about the Gods were spread around the world by explorers and storytellers, and later merged with Greek culture. To this day, numerous myths survived through many writings. Each of these myths are very unique, and tells much about the Greek Gods. The Greek myths in particular show that Greek Gods and Goddesses looked and acted like humans, that they possessed powers, and that they interacted with humans mainly for personal purposes and sometimes to aid heroes.

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“One of the most Important Elements”

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Firstly, Greek gods and goddesses were viewed as being to a great extent similar to men and women. To start, it is very interesting that the ancient Greeks created their Gods and Goddesses to have features which are exactly the same to a regular mortal. The proper term for this is called anthropomorphism, which means, in the form of a human. Yet the gods were visualized as more gallant in physique, exceptional in beauty and proportion, and much more authoritative than humans.

An example of this comes from the fact that Athena, a statue from the Royal Ontario Museum, had a form of a regular mortal, and that she was envisioned as having a body of what most humans would desire. More intriguing however, is the fact that the ancient Greeks believed that the Gods created them. This comes from the myth of how Zeus gave the duty of populating the Earth to Epimetheus. Epimetheus therefore populated the world, but then created a useless creature that was to an image of the Gods, which explicates why Gods appear like humans.

Additionally, it is even more fascinating that not only do Greek Gods act like humans but they also behave like humans and are able to love, marry, produce children, and so on.
Therefore, whenever they act upon hatred, much of their acts were very bad and cruel. This being because there was such a large society of God’s, this meant that much of the Gods lives were surrounded in chaos and revenge.

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