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Women Against Violence (WAV) is a local charity that attends to the needs of victims that have fallen prey to domestic violence by giving them a place to stay, helping them overcome stress, and even help them begin a new life if needed. WAV is able to help the community with donations from supporters, but due to the economic downturn donations have been low. Famous Brewery and Bottling Company have presented an offer to sponsor a spring festival as a fundraiser for WAV, giving them $40,000 to host the festival and allowing them to keep all proceeds as long as Famous can set up a booth at the festival and have their logo included on all promotional materials. Women Against Violence must make a decision to accept or reject the sponsorship offered by Famous Brewery and Bottling Company while considering how this will affect them in the long term.

Women Against Violence is a domestic violence awareness group while Famous is in the alcohol industry and alcohol is known to be an influence in a number of domestic abuse cases creating a negative relationship between the two groups. The charity has an obligation to keep the doors open for the victims that have sought out help to rehabilitate and move on to a better life. The decision needed runs the risk of leaving WAV with a negative reputation if not thought out clearly and may bring harm to the charity no matter the choice made. If this problem was viewed from the perspective of Famous, the sponsorship offer could open new opportunities with the image for the brewery industry. The sponsorship from Famous to WAV can show the alcohol industry standing up against domestic violence while fundraising for the victims seeking help from WAV.

With this offer in mind, Women Against Violence team members will need to consider the affected parties as not only themselves but also their domestic violence victims that depend on the organization. The charity is hurting and can only get worse with the lack of donations coming in during this economic downturn, meaning less resources available for the individuals that seek assistance. If the organization has to close down, the victims may no longer have shelter, safety, and stability they need to restart their life. The damage caused by losing donations may be reversed if the sponsorship is accepted. The organization will need to analyze all sides of this offer and make a decision that will be best for the majority if not all of the involved parties.

At this time, three different options have been presented to make the decision on accepting or rejecting the sponsorship offer from Famous. First, accept the offer in full terms; WAV will accept the initial donation and host a spring festival giving Famous a booth and recognition on all promotional materials. Accepting the sponsorship could bring negative opinions about WAV’ s loyalty to the domestic violence victims, losing current or future donors and supporters. The victims may lose their sense of safety or trust in WAV to help them during the difficult journey of getting back to a semi-normal life. Despite the possible negative costs, the sponsorship could have positive outcomes such as providing the financial assistance WAV needs to keep operating and helping individuals; raising awareness for domestic violence to a new demographic of individuals, and bringing new donors or sponsors to fund the charity. Famous has top management mostly composed of women, and with this addition Women Against Violence could reach more female victims who need help but have not felt strong enough in the past to ask for help.

The second option to make a decision would be to reject the offer fully. If the sponsorship is rejected, the charity will have to continue in their plans to determine how and when they are ending the operations. This closure would leave the victims without the help they need. The only positive outcome to rejecting the proposal would be avoiding negative publicity about partnering with a brewery. Rejecting the offer would not be feasible in the long term for the Women Against Violence charity or the victims.

The third option to make a decision would be to accept the offer with a revision that Famous can be included on the promotional material and can have a booth at the spring festival as long as no alcohol is present. The Women Against Violence team would like to keep the festival family friendly and alcohol free to reduce negative assumptions about the charity. The costs associated with this choice are similar to accepting the full offer; people may have negative reactions in regards to a brewery sponsoring the domestic violence awareness charity. Famous could rescind their sponsorship offer leaving WAV with no choice. However, with the choice for the spring festival to be family oriented, it may draw out more families willing to attend the festival bringing in more proceeds to the fundraiser.

It is time to make a final decision on the options researched. After consulting with the other stakeholders and victims that will be affected, WAV has chosen to take option three and accept the offer with the requested revisions. The team feels strongly about this choice because it will be the most beneficial to everyone involved and the long term forecast for the charity. Despite the backlash that may arise, all of the supporters and donors should eventually see the positivity in WAV’s choice to accept the sponsorship. Publicity from the sponsorship of the spring festival either good or bad will bring attention to the Women Against Violence charity; the attention will raise awareness for domestic violence and achieve WAV’s ultimate goal.

Now that the decision has been made, the WAV team members need to set up a meeting with the Famous representatives and go over the proposal for the revised terms of the sponsorship. If Famous does not agree with the new terms, they will have to be ready to negotiate without compromising their ethics. Be sure to emphasize the positivity and publicity will not only be focused on WAV but also Famous and their willingness to help this charity stay open and raise awareness for the domestic violence victims.

In conclusion, Women Against Violence has determined the best decision for their charity long term and the victims in which they provide aid. The team is willing to accept the negative people or images that may emerge from this sponsorship and continue to help the local individuals that have been victims of abuse. In the end, is is most important to be available for the victims that needs a place to heal and start anew.

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