Humoristische Karte Von Europa Im Jahre 1914

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Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914 The cartoon impression of Europe shows a facial expression for each country on the map. There a 6 main forces: Germany, Italy, Austria- Hungary, Russia, England and France The German has a war helmet over his head, to show he is protected. He is full stretched and has the Frenchman by the throat and is beating aside the Russian bear. You can tell this is easy for the German as he is smiling. Its in the centre of all the controversy so it can fight from all angles.

France are cowardly running away from Germany’s extending arm around its neck. The whole of the country looks scared and it looks like its running back for help. It is also carrying the Eiffel Tower, which indicates it’s the only thing France have got. Austria-Hungary is fighting Russia and Serbia and is kicking Montenegro in the back. It shows men fighting together against Russia, this shows there all in unity in fighting. All of its empire are attacking Russia with enthusiasm. The big character in Austria-Hungry looks like he is smiling and enjoying the moment

Russia gruesomely opens its mouth to swallow Germany and Austria whole, it has a vodka bottle in one hand and a whip in the other. This indicates that the Russia is ruthless, aggressive, and it has a drink problem, like the Vikings. It looks like its waiting to attack the countries. There is also a powder keg at the bottom of the country, showing that with one little spark, all the opposing countries could be killed England is standing on bags of money, showing its either really rich or it doesn’t spend its money.

The Bulldog portrays England as quite small but powerful and scary. Ireland is trying to cut the chain connecting them and Scotland, Wales and England. Japan is joined to England in unison, so wherever England go, Japan goes with them The Italy is staying in its boot, waiting for its moment to intervene and pounce. It looks calm and ready. Even though the above are the main countries to be portrayed, there are others as well. Spain is counting its money, possibly wondering whether to go to war if they have enough resources.

Portugal is leaning comfortably on Spain, reading. This shows they are protected by Spain and they have no need to get involved. Holland has been hit by a bomb unexpectedly, interrupted because it looks like they had no intention of going to war. Denmark and Norway are proving their allegiance to Germany by applauding and making deliveries. Switzerland is just watching over everything, showing its neutral and has no foes. Romania is energetically forging its sword, preparing for war.

Greece is carefully considering its next action, you can tell this by his facial thinking expression. Turkey is recovering on a sickbed, probably after a bad war. It also looks like Turkey aren’t giving Russia a light, which would cause the Russian powder keg to explode. Japan are being dragged into war by England and it grimly bares its predators teeth to Germany, showing its not scared. However this map is totally biased, it was made in Germany. The map was probably used for propaganda, to portray the central powers as the best.

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