How Germany Prepared for the War?

In this paper I will be talking about World War 1. The topics I will be talking about are reasons for: why Germany was involved with the war, the struggles that the citizens of Germany went through during and after the war, and how Germany prepared for the war.

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“How Germany Prepared for the War?”

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Germany had many reasons for being involved with this war. Many people thought that the Germans were the main cause of the war including the allies. The allies consist of Great Britain, France, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Greece, USA, Japan, and many others. Most believed they were only involved in World War 1 because they wanted to expand their power, that was somewhat true; Germany believed that if they won the war with Austria they could have European domination. Germany also believed that if they entered the war to protect Austria Hungary it would be the perfect opportunity to gain land from France. Germany was part of the central powers along with Austria Hungary, Ottomans, Italy, and Bulgaria. In 1919 Germany had officially lost World War 1. The economy failed, and the citizens of Germany were getting frustrated with this outcome. They started to turn their back on the government. On March of 1920 a rebellion was formed called Kapp Putsch; they threatened to form a new government for Germany. This caused a lot of problems in Germany.

The citizens of Germany had to really adjust to the fact that they were going to war. This changed how all Germans were living in their homes during the time of World War 1. There was a fall in the food. There was no food coming in or going out of Germany because of the blockades from the allied forces.

Everyone depended on the men to get much work done, so once the government started to enlist a lot of men into the war each year, the amount of men went down, causing work to slow down. During this time most women had to step up and take over the jobs that the men would normally do. The women had to work on the farms, in factories, and inside the home they also had to learn about new jobs that were formed including the munitions factories while men of all ages went out to fight a war. You would think that since the women are doing a man’s job they would get paid equally but that wasn’t the case; women were actually getting paid less than what the men did, this is when equal pay started to come around. Because Germany lost World War 1 to the allies, they had an economic fall. With the fall of Germany’s economy, Hitler rose to power promising Germany a better economy. In order to do this, he “had” to take out the Jews, by doing this Hitler cause World War 2. After the war there were a lot of struggles; people were starving all the time, most people did not like the government because they signed the armistice.

Germany had to do several things to prepare themselves for the war. For example, they had to make plans one specific plan was named the Schlieffen Plan. The Schlieffen Plan was made by General Count Alfred von Schlieffen in December 1905, this plan allowed Germany to attack France. Once the Schlieffen Plan was in effect Brittian declared war on Germany. In 1915 the Gas Warfare was introduced, and Germany was credited for it. The poisonous gas was first used by Germany in the battle of Verdun. The gas was used to make you move around so you were an easier target to find, if you didnt attempt to move away from the gas you would sit there to die because of the poisonous gas. Although Germany had the poisonous gas they still were not fully ready to win this war. In 1919 Germany lost the war, they had many reasons for losing. They had weak allies, they were not fully prepared, and they had to keep going back to help the Austrians and Bulgarians.

As shown in this paper, World War 1 was surprising for most. Several people went through struggles. The struggles ranged from labor, money, food supply, deaths, and preparedness for the worst to come. They struggled to fight and try to win; most lost their lives trying to fight for what they believed in. At some points of the war Germany felt as if they could win the war, and other times they were devastated by their actions. While Germany had many reasons to be in the war they had to make sure that they were not only physically, but mentally prepared for this war… they didnt know what to expect. At some points of the war Germany felt as if they could win the war, and other times they were devastated by their actions.

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