How to be a Truth Seeker

Being a truth-seeker is one of my strengths when it comes to critical-thinking. I always seek the truth regardless of the method required to seek it. On the other hand, being open-minded is also a major strength. I am always open to divergent views of individuals I interact with during every day activities.

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“How to be a Truth Seeker”

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One of my major weaknesses entails stereotyping. I am likely to judge other people based on their backgrounds and hence I tend to judge the position they may take regarding a particular issue. My other weakness entails being a non-conformer. I am not likely to conform to other people’s judgments and ideas. In order to address these weaknesses, I may need to access training on cultural competence.


It entails comprehending the subject matter at hand effectively. For instance, one will need to effectively understand what it means to force everyone to receive university education and what it means not to force everyone to do it. One needs to comprehend who is everyone? Is there any age limit? And, what level of university education is being talked about.


One needs to understand the relationships between the items of the subject matter. For instance, is it possible for everyone to acquire university education? Do the universities have the capacity? On the other hand, if no one is forced to acquire university education can that impact access to education?


This entails effectively understanding the logical strengths of statements that are being made. For instance, it is logical to force everyone to acquire a university education? On the other hand, does it sound more logical when no one is forced to acquire university education? One must be able to find where more logic lies.


This entails the ability to monitor cognitive elements that are most needed in making a case about a specific subject matter. For instance, what cognitive element should one apply in making a case for or against forcing everyone to acquire a university education.


This is an important process that enables one to choose what elements should be drawn in making a conclusion. For instance, what data or information should be used in support for or in opposing the subject matter which entails forcing everyone to acquire university education?


This is where an individual defends and justifies his case in support or in opposition of the subject matter. One needs to explain how his or her inferences apply (Cottrell, 2011). For instance, one may argue that lack of capacity may not enable everyone to acquire a university education.

Every individual should be forced to receive a university education.

University education is very important aspect in someone’s life. Getting this education can help the person to be knowledgeable and get better jobs which can lead him to a better life. Hence, every individual should be forced to enroll in the university to get this knowledge. Having this kind of education will not just help the person himself, but it will help the whole society. To clarify, when people get educated, they will have good jobs and the will be well trained in what they are doing, thus, the productivity will increase which will cause the economy to increase. Also, by studying in the university, the percentages of poverty and unemployment will decrease as students will find good jobs to work on. All of these will lead to many improvements in the country. So, that is why people need to get the education in these learning institutions.

Individuals should not be forced to receive a university education.

While Studying in the university is one of the best ways to get the knowledge someone’s needed, there are several other sources that people can rely on to be successful either in work or in life. To illustrate more, some jobs don’t require the person to be educated, however it needs some training and practicing in order to get the skill and work successfully. For instance, a lot of painters had drawn fabulous paintings without getting an education in the university, and their paintings were sold at high prices. Those painters used to practice this skill since they were child until they mastered this skill. So, from that it can be understood that even university education seems to be important, a person can depend on the self-education to get the knowledge that is necessary to get a good life.

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