Truth about Trust

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Out of all the things humans desire from life, trust is most vital in all. One of the most consequential aspects in a relationship is the bond of trust between two individuals. The word trust is defined by Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary as an assured reliance on the characters, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. However in actuality, trust is being able to fully place confidence in another. Just like confidence, one cannot gain it in a single day, it takes months or even years to gain confidence in one’s self. Confidence and trust are one with another if someone were to mock someone else their confidence may diminish. Trust is precisely related to that as well. Despite the fact it takes a long time to build the foundation and gain trust thoroughly from another individual, it can easily be disoriented in a single moment.

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“Truth about Trust”

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Trust is placing faith in a single individual despite the outcome that could occur. It is a very important attribute to have in a relationship because trust is what creates the foundation. Without trust in a relationship, there truly is no relationship, to begin with. When determining whether or not a person is reliable to trust it becomes merely based on their character and how that person acts. There are two types of people that I have run into in my life that believe trust is used differently, there are the people who take advantage of the trust someone has given them and use it to get what he or she wants, per se an intimate relationship. However, there are also people that will go to desperate measures in order to prove to someone that they are worthy of trust and constantly do so by avoiding situations that cost them the disintegration of it.

This generation has been taught that trust is a given, thinking trust just appears out of nowhere and is either stands for a lifetime or strangles off to nothing. Trust does indeed take time, effort and accountability. In order to fully trust someone, a person must prove they are worthy of another’s time because trust is not freely given, it is one that is earned. That being said, many relationships are more important than others, therefore, trust is a more valuable thing to someone. Within a relationship, there can also be multiple layers of trust. When you meet a new friend and have had a few experiences with them to acknowledge their behavior leading to how they may react to certain things, their credibility and accountability could fulfill the feeling to feel safe enough to trust them in your everyday life. Or, there is a level of trust that usually, spouses, couples and families can relate to, a trust that has encouraged and enhanced the transparency of honesty to one another, encouraging nothing else but the trust of the other person to help throughout a struggle, one that proves the loyalty and understanding of each other.

Different levels of trust can come in all forms. That being said, in a situation when a child has broken the trust with their parent it leads to higher consequences. A prime example of a level of trust and the delicacy it portrays can be found in relationships, there must be a receiving trust from both individuals in a relationship or the foundation is misleading, with no foundation and only one person putting in their all can lead to the other person having confidence loss by not feeling worthy enough of trust from the other. A relationship will not continue if one side is trusting in all and the other not, it is just as good as having no relationship at all. Having a strong, trustworthy bond in a relationship allows both sides to grow as one. Now say something has been done leading to the trust between two individuals to whither, it is most important to remember what is at stake; the relationship. Being someone who has experienced the true loss of trust with someone, it is not an easy position to be in, especially if the other person is hurt in the process.

Gaining trust back is equally as hard as earning trust from someone, it is a cycle of an act of faith. By having faith in another person allows them to acknowledge you believe in them and the commitment shares a relationship as a whole. Trust most definitely will be misplaced, it happens uncontrollably. By increasing one’s willingness to have even the slightest bit of faith to put into trust will make any relationship stronger and long-lasting. Trust, therefore, is very important to everyone because, without it, we cannot live in unity.

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