The Truth of Society

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It is to be told that society is changing through time. Here's the thing. Is it changing for the best or for the worst? Many people have mentioned that the world is advancing and speeding up the process of tasks which is making life easier. On the other hand, others have mentioned that society is going through its worst moments in time. It keeps getting worse. The author of Fahrenheit 451 wrote this science fiction book to explain how their society is controlled and it's changes aren't beneficial to the people. Science fiction demonstrates what authors or writers assume the future will hold for the people. Ray Bradbury, in Fahrenheit 451 is notifying the reader that society is affected through technology, lack of communication, and the loss of valuable life.

Technology has been advancing fast and still is up to this very day. It has made life much easier and everyone loves it. Even though technology is benefical towards the people, it comes with its downside and consequences. Society uses technology 24/7. ... our population is increasing every day and all these billion consumers demand either a mobile phone or a computer in their homes or office (Ramey, 2012). There isn't a single moment in life today where technology isn't being used. People of all ages need technology, including babies too. A mother now has to keep a device with them in case the babies start to cry. They have the device set up and it quiets them down. Adults use technology for everything. From learning how to cook to selling drugs and illegal items. Technology is a person that keeps society distracted from the real world. Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 shows the reader how technology distracts a main character in the book, Mildred, from realizing what the government is doing to the society that she's living in. As the books gets deeper into details, Mildred is always focused on her family. It is based on a show that she watches on her TV wall. It keeps her focused from her untrue happiness. That's my family (Bradbury, 1995, p. 46). Mildred mentions that the actors on the TV wall is her family. It is a relationship with no physical emotion. The government uses technology as a rebellion to keep society happy and under their control. Technology isn't the only thing that has a downside towards society. The lack of communication between people has fallen and is going to keep on getting worse.

Many people have decided to isolate themselves out from the world. They like to divert themselves and keep a distance from everyone else. Now a days, people don't have much communication between one another because they are focused on a certain thing. The majority of the people would rather send out a text or call then to ask a question or talk about a topic in person. The ways that people work and communicate via computer networks destabilize many conventional social categories ( King, R. (Ed.), 1996, p. 427). Many social lives are decreasing because of technology. It is one of the main reasons why society is negativly affected. The lack of communication is decreasing everyday as new inventions are created. Many companies continue on creating products to keep their costumers busy and entertained. But if everyone gets caught up with something, how will the world be? Will society lose its interest in communication with one another? Montag and Mildred's relationship is an example of loss of communication. Montag had asked Mildred one night if she remembered the first time they met (p. 40). She responded with a no. Montag himself doesn't remember where they met. Both characters had lost interest in one another. Was there any love to begin with? Montag brings up a wall being in between him and mildred. That wall is where Mildred says she has her family. The walls were always in the way between Mildred and himself (p. 42) It's what kept their communication decreasing. The lack of communication between society is a problem, but it isn't the worst conflict that needs to be solved. Society's population is losing the loss of people's valuable life.

Society doesn't value life as much as it should be. People every second of each day lose their life. Whether it's a homocide, suicide, accidents, slavery death continues to happen every where. In Fahreneheit 451, Mildred tries to commit suicide and doesn't succeed at it. Montag believes that it was an accident and says that Mildred probably forgot she took some pills and kept taking more. This is not the case. Mildred is unhappy and careless but she just doesn't know it because she is being brainwashed by the government. They want everyone to be happy. It a rule, not a given choice.

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