How Loving and Caring Pitbulls Can Actually be

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As Americans there are alot who seem to jump quick to judging pitbulls and stereotyping them as vicious animals, but I am not one of those Americans. My name is Ashia and I am here to show you how loving and caring pitbulls can actually be when with the right owner. When hearing the word 'pitbull" most may picture a vicious dog, but when you see these photos how to you feel? This is Mya and she is one of my many sisters. Mya has always been an outside dog and an inside dog, but has never attacked anyone or hurt those who enter my home. When Mya sees me she is filled with joy because her sister has come home finally and when I see that face and her jumps it melts my heart because I have impacted this little puppy that is now a big doggy now. As some may know many pitbulls have undergone brutality from the very beginning with what we know as dog fights.

Pitbulls were originally bred from Old English Bulldogs which are similar to American Bulldogs. Love a bull states, pitbulls gained their popularity on the British Isles in a cruel bloodsport which we know as dog fighting.

This goes to show how it all began with seeing these precious dogs as vicious dogs all because it released stress for those back in the 1800's to see dogs fight and ultimately kill one another. Dog fighting is a fight between two dogs typically of the same breed that are trained to fight each other in a ring to fight to the death and ultimately the winner which would be the human owner would win money and for entertainment purposes. Luckily dog fighting isn't as popular than before, but it is still a known issue that these pitbulls have been persecuted to undergo these horrible acts which unfortunately still happen. Ari Greenwood wrote about a dog name Ray and many more for example, Ray is one of the 51 pit bulls who was rescued out of Michael Vick's horrific dogfighting operation in 2007. Dogs like Ray are forced to fight or die when entering these fights.. Ray and some of the other dogs they call 'vicktory dogs" because they were survivors from a terrible crime, but even so they were given the chance to be adopted and given a home to feel safe and comfortable in. Sadly Ray died from an illness called babesia which is common in dogs who are enslaved into dog fights as stated by Arin. Giving up on dogs like Ray lets the wrong owners take these pitbulls and use them until they die or get taken away and it should not be like this.

Pitbulls should be cherished just like labs or any other loved dog. Love a bull also stated, during the first half of the American century, Pit Bulls remained a prominent part of culture. Public attention turned away from fighting dogs and they began to see them as working class companions. The US started to see these animals more than vicious dogs and more like friendly companions . The US mainly liked the pitbulls because of how americanized they sounded. The USA admired this breed for qualities that it liked in itself; friendly, brave, hardworking, worthy of respect and they became, the 'All American Dog". I personally have grown up with pitbulls and have never feared for my life. I treat my family dog Mya as if she were my sister because I've known her since she was a puppy and even seen her puppies grow up. I know I can always trust in Mya to protect me and my family if need be and she knows her family will protect her and her children. You can never be alone when you have a pitbull by your side.

Pit-bull-terrier-like dogs passed the test at a higher rate than many other dog breeds, including golden retrievers and border collies. Facts such like these never get out and that is the horrible thing about these stereotypes for pitbulls. Most people are stuck on that mindset that 'no that pitbull will hurt my family" or 'that dog looks so scary" When in fact all these dogs want is love, acceptance and most of all is to protect you and your family and form them to be protected as well.

These facts need to be proven wrong and show these people straight to their faces what type of dog pitbulls truly are. I have seen so many different personalities for pitbulls. From a scared defenseless puppy to them trusting and loving again. I witnessed pitbulls spoiled to the point where they have clothes, their own rooms and many more things to show them that they are truly loved by their family. Most importantly I've witnessed a regular pitbull dog into an overall happy dog because she was getting love, attention, food, shelter and just kindness. Pitbulls deserve the chance to be loved and not overlooked. If I could adopt all of them in the world I definitely would, but I'll leave a few behind for others. Having a pitbull has changed my life for the better and I believe it would do the same for you.

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