How do you Overcome the Struggles in your Life?

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, the person standing in front of you is just one of those people who keeps on fighting despite of the pressure and the struggle he face. The person who keeps on pursuing his dreams even he is almost unable to satisfy people’s expectations. I’m Jonathan Javier from Batangas State University Main Campus 1, and you can call me “kuya” Jonathan. I was the only child of my parents and because of that, high expectations are unavoidable. So even though I want to play with others way back on elementary days, I insisted myself to just stay at home to study and do my home works. I didn’t know at first the purpose of studying, and why I am the only one grinding to study while the other kids are just playing and enjoying their youth. I had a lot of unanswered questions back then, but when I graduated elementary and became the salutatorian of our class I understood its purpose. I didn’t expect that the pressure and struggle I faced before had a big and wonderful effect on me. I realized that no matter how hard it is to overcome the struggles and pressures, we cannot deny the fact that it is really part of life that helps us to be strong and be a better person. But imagine if there is no struggles, no pressures, no challenges nor hardships, and you just get what you want every time because of the people around you. For some people they will say that letting others to take on the responsibilities and work for you would be great but the fact is, it will just cause you trouble in the future and it will make you weak when it comes on facing your own problems, when something hard comes up in your life you wouldn’t know how to handle it because you just get used to the fact that you always rely on others and unable to stand on your own.

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“How do you Overcome the Struggles in your Life?”

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There is only 2 ways to escape the challenges, first is to change the circumstances that created the challenge and second is to change the person dealing with the challenge. Yes the pressure causes most people to break, the heavy weight of expectations causes cracks in the minds of the weak, but remember it strengthens the strong. Persistence, Preparation and Perseverance are the key to beat pressures and struggles. Challenges strengthens you, competitions makes you better and step backs makes you wiser. Do not be afraid to try, do not be afraid to make mistakes and disappointments to others, you were given pain because you are strong enough to handle it, God given you this life because he knows that you can and you are strong enough to live it. You are stronger enough than you think, you are the only person that is going to determine your worth, you are the only one who has the power to decide if you will exceed your potential or fall short of your potential so don’t mind whatever people are saying.

Life isn’t going to keep you down that easy, just keep this in your mind that you have more inside you. Put this in your mind that you can get yourself out of this situation, you can do anything. Just keep on pushing forward by taking consistent action, because if you hide from challenges you will never know your true potential. You already survived all your challenges up to this point, so just move forward and survive whatever is coming. Challenges was sent for a reason, it might teach you a lot of lessons to grow and become a better person. So don’t give up, everybody have a purpose in this world and you will only find it if you keep on going and keep on growing. Keep also in your mind that every challenges and struggle you face will be a part of your story, it made you the person you are today so be proud. Some people look this struggles like a curse or a bad thing, but the reality is it’s a privilege given by God to make you stronger enough to live. Everybody should learn to turn their struggles into a gift, because reality is the struggle. The whole time you were thinking that your struggle and pressure was holding you back, no because it was really giving you the tools and shaping you in order to become a better and greater person in the future. That’s all Thank you very much. 

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