History of Alaska

Alaska has a very interesting history to learn about. It is situated on the edge of the Seward peninsula. Alaska is the biggest state in United States of America and has a population which is least densely populated.

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Alaska is a mountainous region and has climatic conditions which are very severe. The Brook Range which is located in the northern part of the state as well as the Alaska Range in the South are identified as being mountainous regions in Alaska. Its highest point is regarded as being Mt. McKinley which is situated on the Alaska Range and its 20, 320 feet above the sea level hence making it being the highest peak of a mountain in the entire region of South America (Colby 7). Alaska has river Yoon as the largest river which flows across it. The river navigates from the northeast part of Alaska into the northwest region. The river is considered as being one of the longest rivers that are navigable around the globe. The other rivers which are navigable and are found in Alaska are river copper, river Colville and river Kuskokwim.

Alaska was discovered in the year 1741. It was discovered by a Danish seafarer who was on board a Russian ship among with his other sailors who were haunting for the furs of animals and being taken back to the known world. Individuals in the known world were amazed with the quality of the furs that they were bringing back and this made them being highly sought after due to this fur they brought from Alaska. Due to this high number of demand of more furs being sought after, Alaska became a favorite destination for trading and hunting. The Queen Catherine the great who reigned during this epoch as a monarch insisted on the sailors and hunters to treat the Aleuts, individuals who were natives of Alaska with great compassion. This request but the monarch was hard to keep since the sailors and hunters were obsessed in their quest to obtain more fur from this region.

Currently Alaska has individuals who live in its snow plains. The individuals are known as eskimos and they wonder from one region to another while pursuing fish and other food for consumption in the region. These individuals live in igloos and practice the hunter gatherer lifestyle up to this day. A journey that we undertook as a family during the holidays into Alaska sometime back was one which offered me a completely new perspective regarding how individuals live and survive around the globe. This journey was a memorable one and the memories that I created during the trip to this state were ones which I will never regret. The trip we undertook was through a flight to the city of the Peninsula. During the flight I was really anxious as to what was ahead of us in terms of the expedition and sight-seeing of things that I had never seen mattered to me. The walk from the plane after landing made me realize that Alaska was more than the snow and eskimos whom I had learnt about.

We had a drive from the airport up to the hotel that we were to spend our time during the period we were at Alaska. The drive lasted an hour since the house we had rented was deep on the Whiteland’s forest. The fishing organization which guided us was R. and W. Fishing Co. This organization guided us down into River Kenai, a region which is known to have some of the most gorgeous fish on its waters. We started our exploration in the wee hours of the next day by heading towards the cottage of the boats that we were to use together with the river guides who were to accompany us I this expedition. On the first day we had beautiful catches of several types of fish. My younger brother caught a 60-pound king salmon fish. I recall that I on the third day caught a 53-pound salmon fish and that experience remains clear in my mind with the all the events that we undertook on the river still vivid on my mind.

On the last day of our trip we decided to travel to the Pacific Ocean. Om the ocean I remember we fished a high number of diverse fish. The most memorable type of fish that I recall we caught was the Halibut fish, this type of fish is known to swim up from down instead of sideways. I recall a moment while in the ocean having our yachts being tossed up and down due to the extreme winds that were on the ocean on that particular day. Due to the yacht racking up and down and making the ride on it being terrific, we increased the weights of the yacht by aligning ourselves on the sides which seemed to be easily blown by the wind as a result of being light. The whole experience of riding down to the ocean as well as the river created in my lifetime impressions which I will not easily forget about.

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