U.S. History War of 1812

War of 1812

In 1807, UK approved the Guidelines in the Council, which required impartial countries to obtain license from its authorities before trading with French (Editors, 2019). The Royal Navy also annoyed Americans by its repetition of impressment or removing seamen from US commercial watercraft and compelling them to serve on behalf of British (Editors, 2019). At the outset of the 19th century, Great Britain was locked in a long and unpleasant conflict with Napoleon Bonaparte’s France (Editors, 2019). Then in 1809, Congress caused more infliction than Britain or France could do by restricting trade (Editors, 2019). This was ineffective and was replaced with a new bill around 1810 and the bill dropped trade restrictions against the United States (Editors, 2019)

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“U.S. History War of 1812”

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During the war of 1812, the President was James Madison, which signed a declaration of war against Britain (Editors, 2019). Congress voted for the war, however the House and the Senate were both in unpleasant disagreement on the issue (Editors, 2019). American sea fairer managed much better during the war’s opening days (Berkin, 2015). The Constitution outsmarted and eventually seized what the British described as “on of our stoutest frigates” (Berkin, 2015). Under the command of Stephen Decatur, the United States suffered and transported horrific broadsides while pacifying the British (Berkin, 2015). American military’s achievement was all that reserved the nation’s moral thriving in 1812 (Berkin, 2015). Due to the ill luck, untried military officer and disobedient men, Congress amplified the size of the military by offering a bonus to encourage more enlisting (Berkin, 2015). President Madison’s point of view for reelection at a time when the nation’s military fate appeared ambiguous and his own leadership to be equally so (Berkin, 2015).

The war of 1812 lasted until 1815, which was about American Sailors, trade restrictions and American shipping (Academy, Year). I do not believe it was accurate that the United States were trying to take advantage of the British. The American’s accepted aid from the French and were caught in the disagreement because the British were driving American sailors into British military service (Academy, Year). Britain imposed trade limitations on the United States by declining to acknowledge US disinterest in the European war and routinely violated neutral shipping rights (Academy, Year). This was to keep the United States from providing any kind of aid, supplies etc. to France (Academy, Year).

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