Historical Value of the D-Day

D-Day was a battle in World War II fought between the Allied nations and the German forces in 1944. D-day lasted from June to August, many United States(U.S.) men had died in D-day, including Germans. D-day took place in Normandy,France. Hitler was the current leader of Germany during D-day and Dwight D. Eisenhower was the leader of the U.S. at the time.. Eisenhower had led the first attack on D-day named Operation Overlord.       

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“Historical Value of the D-Day”

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The Allied forces invaded Nazi occupied areas of France. The beaches invaded included Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. Normandy beach was the main beach that was invaded. Normandy, France was were Eisenhower led the first attack, code named Operation Overlord. Half of the Allied troops were American. The Allied forces had overwhelmed Germany causing a turning point in World War II. Your life expectancy once you stepped foot on the beaches of D-day was seven seconds until you were killed. Their were an estimated four hundred and twenty-five thousand deaths reported after D-day, two hundred and nine-thousand Allied deaths and four-thousand to nine-thousand German deaths.       

Germany had made many mistakes on D-day. First, they placed the majority of their tanks north and east of the Seine river, where they would be unavailable for counterattack in Normandy also not expecting an attack in Normandy but in Pas-de-Calais, being for sure there would be an attack there. The Germans also had a disastrous command structure. Hitler mistrusted his generals and his generals mistrusted him. Field Marshal Rundstedt was the only high-ranked officer who responded to the crisis in the correct manner. He had ordered two reserve panzer divisions to go to Caen to counterattack.        

Germany had been putting captured Allied soldiers into concentration camps and torturing them. They had also been putting their own people in the camps because they were Jewish. This was the holocaust that was going on during World War II. They had been doing this for years before World War II. The Germans thought Aryans were the perfect race and that Jews were evil and from the devil. The concentration camps were very cruel. They had starved and worked Jews to death. After World War II when Germany finally got defeated the Jews were taken out of the concentration camps they were identical to sticks, you could see their ribs perfectly and they had no meat on their arms or legs. They were then taken on long walks called the Auschwitz Death March.        

The Jews had to wear the Star of David to identify them as Jews. They had all their rights stripped from them. German children had two choices to choose for their life; either join the Nazi Youth or die. Life was hard for the Germans at the time. Most Germans didn’t want to join the Nazi party. Adolf Hitler was very smart but was not making the right decisions for his people. He was making them not trust him. Furthermore he did not trust them either.         Hitler had been taking all of Europe to gain more land. In the process of taking land he was also gaining a huge military. He had been bombing other countries heavily in an attack called Blitzkrieg , or lightning warfare. The only countries he didn’t bomb were the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Paris, France. He didn’t bomb Paris because his role model Napoleon Bonaparte had been the leader of France and Paris was were he had lived.        The U.S. had been preparing and training for D-day too. They had made different special military warcraft for World War II. The United States had been loading up LST’s, or Landing Ship Tanks, in Brixham, England preparing for the invasion on Omaha beach. The life expectancy once American soldiers stepped onto Omaha beach was seven seconds until they were shot and killed. They still gave it their all with the thought of winning the war.         The Nazis had been preparing for War also. Hitler had came up with a plan known as the four year plan. this plan was to rearm Germany for the war to come.        

The most bloodiest war was the war of Gettysburg. It was considered the most important battle of World War II. Major General George Gordon Meade was the commander of the U.S. force that was attacking the German forces occupying Gettysburg. Meade was the leader of eighty-five thousand soldiers. There were seven corps that all had different commanders. The best soldier in the army at the time was John Reynolds, the commander of the First Corps. The Second Corps commander was Scott Hancock, he had the nickname of the superb. The Third Corps commander was a former politician, Dan Sickles. The two commanders of the Fifth and Sixth Corps’ commanders were George Sykes and John Sedwick.        

At the end of D-day the Germans had lost to the Allies who had a powerful army of over one-hundred and fifty soldiers which caused a turning point for Europe in World War II. Germany hurried up and destroyed their concentration camps so the world wouldn’t know what they were doing to their people and the captured Allies. Unfortunately for them though, some of their prisoners had survived to tell the world what the Nazis had done to them, even after the death marches. The death marches were marches that prisoners had to do after Germany destroyed their concentration camps. The Nazis took the prisoners out of the camps and marched them until they were all dead, which is why its called death marches.        

The Allies had won because of their strong military force of over one-hundred soldiers and their willingness to win the war. Hitler had to eventually give up some of the land he had conquered during war. The Allies had forced him to give up the land.        

Some of the concentration camps got left behind because there were so many of them that they couldn’t possibly take them all out. Hitler had completely wiped out all of Europe and could of possibly taken the whole world but had made too many mistakes and allowed the miracle at Dunkirk and also moved his army in the wrong position at the wrong time thinking he could counter attack the Allies. Hitler also had a sleeping problem, he slept during the first invasion of D-day, causing his Nazis to lose because of no commander to give orders.       

 The war was over after Hitler surrendered to the Allies after they had captured the key points that the Germans were holding. Hitler had not guarded these points heavily enough. He hadn’t placed enough troops to guard the areas making it easy for the Allies to capture. If Hitler didn’t sleep during the first attack, Operation Overlord, and also if he would of placed his military in the right places where the Allies were invading then the Germans might have taken the whole world, along with Europe that he had already captured. Surprisingly he had stopped to let the Dunkirk militia escape and also didn’t go for the United States, Mexico, and Canada. That marked the end of World War I with Hitler upset and the Allies with the victory. Hitler had finally been defeated.

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