High Profile Rape Case

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High-profile rape cases in the Philippines Researched and compiled by GMA News Research using the following Sources: Inq7. net, Philippine Headline News Online. Supreme Court decisions Year Victim(s) Suspect(s) Notes  Chiong rape case  July 16, 1997 Marijoy Chiong, college beauty The Supreme Court sentenced to death on February 3, 2004 theJacqueline and Marijoy were waiting for a ride home when they  queen, raped and killed following suspects: were forced into a car at about 10 p.on July 16, 1997 at Jacqueline Chiong, raped  Francisco Juan “Paco” Larranaga, a scion of the influential the Ayala Center Cebu.(disappeared) and powerful Osmena clan Jozman Aznar, whose family owns a hospital and a school  The sisters were brought to a house in Barangay Guadalupe, Rowen Adlawan Cebu City, where they were raped. Then they were brought to Ariel Balansag  Sitio Tan-awan in Carcar town, about 40 km south of here, Alberto Cano where they were again molested.James Anthony Uy, one of the seven suspects, was spared from the death penalty because he was only 16 at the time the Marijoy’s badly bruised body was found in a ravine in Sitio  crime was committed Tan-awan a day after the abduction. Jacqueline’s body remains James Andrew Uy, older brother of James Anthony, was missing to this day.  originally sentenced to death, but was downgraded to life imprisonment after the court found out that he was only 17 years old when the crime was committed.  Jalosjos case  1996 11-year old girl, raped Zamboanga del Norte Congressman Romeo Jalosjos was found Statutory rape case.  guilty beyond reasonable doubt of two counts of statutory rape and six counts of acts of lasciviousness..  The Supreme Court affirmed the lower court’s decision sentencing Jalosjos to two reclusion perpetua. He was also ordered to pay the additional amount of P50,000. 0 as civil indemnity for each count of statutory rape and acts of lasciviousness. The SC also increased to P50,000. 0 the award of moral damages for each count of acts of lasciviousness.Sarmenta-Gomez rape slay case  June 28, 1993 Mary Eileen Sarmenta, 21, UP Los The Supreme Court found Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Supreme Court decision on the Allan Gomez-Eileen Sarmenta Banos student, raped and killed Sanchez and six others were found guilty of seven counts of rape-slay  rape with homicide. Allan Gomez, 19, boyfriend of George Medialdea  Sarmenta, killed  Ziolo Ama Baldwin Brion Luis Corcolon Rogelio Corcolon Pepito Kawit Each of them were  sentenced to seven reclusion perpetua and  were ordered to pay the respective heirs of Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez P700,000. 00 as additional indemnity.  Vizconde Massacre  June 30, 1991 Carmela Vizconde, 17, raped and Sentenced to a jail term of reclusion perpetua on January 6,The verdict came eight and a half years after the crime killed 2000 by Judge Amelita G. Tolentino of the Paranaque Regional  Trial Court: Estrellita Vizconde, a Hubert Jeffrey P. Webb, son of former Senator Freddie Webb  businesswoman, killed Antonio “Tony Boy” Lejano II, (son of actress-singer Pinky  Jennifer Vizconde, killed de Leon and nephew of actor Christopher de Leon) Hospicio “Pyke” Fernandez Miguel “Ging” Rodriguez Michael Gatchalian Peter Estrada Meted a jail term of 11 years, four months and one day to 12  years: former policeman Gerardo Biong, who was convicted for being an accessory to the rape and homicide by allegedly helping the accused tamper with evidence Ordered the immediate arrest of: Artemio “Dong” Ventura (at large when the verdict came out)  Joey Filart (at large when the verdict came out) Maggie de la Riva case  June 26, 1967 movie actress Magdalena “Maggie” de Four suspects were convicted of forcible abduction with rapeRead the Supreme Court decision on the Maggie de la Riva case  la Riva, 25, single and of three other crimes of rape. Each of them were sentenced to four death penalties and were ordered to pay de  la Riva P10,000. 00 each. Executed in 1972 full view of television cameras were: Jaime G. Jose Basilio Pineda, Jr.  Edgardo P. Aquino Rogelio Canal, one of the four, died in prison on December 28 [pic]

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