Global Warming and Emission

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Global warming and saving the planet is a discourse that is continuously shared all over the world but it is not a specific agreement on how this happens, yet it is a concerted effort from every person, otherwise the environment is subject to continuous damage and life on our planet can become impossible, so we must all start In all countries in ensuring the preservation of the planet Earth for our support for future generations.

Yahoo's response to people's attitude towards the environment was impressive, but the ignorance that some people have issued about the planet's plight and the environment for future generations has been strange. However, there were a large number of individuals who had an interest and protected the Earth for our future and that of our children. Therefore, the authorities have created public trust funds to monitor environmental resources and keep them safe for future generations, as these funds help to reduce harmful environmental legislation, restrict companies that may temporarily operate in a region, and deplete natural resources, and then leave societies unemployed and harmful With its environment.

One way to maintain an approach to protecting the environment and preserving all those involved in achieving this goal is through stricter environmental laws and the punishment of perpetrators, it must be thought that organizations are individuals and therefore should be punished accordingly.

Yahoo's article talks about a conservation approach that involves strengthening nature itself (Brusseau, 2012). The concept that companies consider to be people should not be because in the case of law it is difficult to monitor the company directly, and in the case of nature, the same logic applies. The part of nature as a person includes granting legal responsibility as a person to nature such as lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.

This targets people and companies to take responsibility for our planet. An example of this is the glaciers melting in a region. The drilling company in that area must be pursued because the ice is melting because of the company's work. It stands to reason that the glacier cannot be represented in court, but a person can be appointed to represent the glacier in its place.

A country like Bolivia was one of the first countries to grant the legal personality of nature itself, and this has allowed people to file a petition on behalf of nature more effectively, and may require the government to take action against violations of nature rights.

Zurich also addressed legal issues involving non-human beings, but instead of being the defendants, they were representing the prosecution. In cases of animal abuse, a designated lawyer fights on behalf of the prosecution (Shelton, 2015, p. 40).

NGOs are working with the government to pressure them to pass a law to protect the environment and protect animals. Whereas in Africa the black rhino is almost extinct due to the action of the hunters. “A chimpanzee is not a pet and cannot be used as an object for fun or scientific experiment. He or she thinks, develops affection, hates, suffers, learns and even transmits knowledge. To sum it up, they are just like us. The only difference is that they do not speak, but they communicate through gestures, sounds and facial expressions. We need to guarantee their rights to life and to liberty” (Pereira, 2010, Para. 2). This change of mindset towards animals demonstrates an interesting reading and it has been proven logically that we have as many things as a few creatures. We are renewed in our nature and in this way we must raise ourselves to secure our future status.

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