A Positive Side of Genetic Engineering

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Scientists have been making change genetics in This is the process of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering has been done on animals and plants. Geneticists have made positive changes to animals and plants, but some of these changes aren't necessary. Although, there are extremely effective genetic modifications scientists can do to humans, other animals, and plants in the future that can be handy to humans.

Multiple hybrids of animals have been made so far with genetic modification, and scientists are even making clones of animals. An example of this is a human-pig hybrid. The human-pig hybrid is basically  a pig, put it was modified to have human organs. In that case, they are extremely useful. Humans are planning on using these organs from the hybrid and using it for human organ transplants. Genetic engineering in plants and microorganisms have made a difference on agriculture. Before, a scientist created a plant that absorbs polluted water, and then released clean, filtered water. Another one of the experiments that a scientist did was golden rice, that is practically a healthier rice. This modified rice contains beta-carotene, the same thing that gives carrots their color, that is a healthy vitamin. These are just some examples of what scientists have done with genetic engineering. With genetic engineering, geneticists can be capable of making both minor and major differences to the society.

For example, in the future, scientists may be able to modify embryos to change which can give the babies a chance to be good at math, arts, and other things based on whatever the parent(s) desire. This ability can make both negative and positive effects on us as people. At the moment, scientists are trying to find a way to make plants glow extraordinarily bright. Having glowing trees may be able to replace street lights in the future. This is one of the necessary changes that geneticists can make. Another change extremely necessary and can make a huge impact is cloning. With cloning, scientists are capable of increasing the popularity of endangered species. This is probably one of the most impactful, as animals are a huge part of our food resources and land. Scientists who work with genetic engineering have also done irrelevant things. One thing that is unuseful was a remote control cockroach that scientists developed. Geneticists, or other scientists who work in the field of genetic engineering should only attempt to make things that would help cure diseases, make improvements in the society, and help both humans and animals.

So far, though, scientists have only developed things that aren't necessarily helpful for us. If scientists continue to waste effort on these things that will not make a difference for humans, they should attempt making functional improvements. There are many reasons why scientists should only make obliged changes. So far, geneticists have done amazing experiments, where they created useful things. According to the article Synthetic Bacteria Help Treat Phenylketonuria in Mice, something impactful that they have done is that they modified a bacterium, just so that it can act as a probiotic to remove phenylketonuria, which is a birth defect that can cause brain damage, seizures, and behavioral symptoms. This can change many people's lives, so it is a supported and obligatory. But, scientists are making organic devices and changes in animals that is insignificant. An example of that is a so called AquAdvantage salmon. AquAdvantage salmons are basically salmon fish that grow twice the size and two times larger than a normal salmon that is not genetically modified, according to the article 10 Insane Cases of Genetic Engineering.  Other changes that scientists have made on animals and plants don't help them or us humans. These examples express the fact that it is a convenient idea to put a limit to what we can genetically modify, since every experiment needs lots of effort, money, and time.

Over the years, genetic modification has been done on many animals, plants, and even being tested on humans. Modifications of world. When genetic modifications are done to living organisms, it allows those modified products to definitely improve the society.

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