Generations’ Gap Due to Differences

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In our day to day living, we encounter words like Century, Era, Ancient, Modern, Postmodern, Archaic, the Latest, Dispensation, and, Generation, etc. What are these words, how are they related, and what are their implications for human relations and mutual existence? These words, which may be synonyms or antonyms, tell us that people have lived and still live across different spectrums of times and seasons. They show the segregations of the times, the segregations of the ages, and the segregations of values, interests, expectations, and priorities by different groups of people on this planet, earth. These words imply natural, realistic gaps existing between people of different ages, with different aspirations of life; that’s the Generations’ Gap!

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“Generations’ Gap Due to Differences”

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Why should we be concerned about generations’ gaps or generational gaps? Why should we strive to bridge these gaps? Gaps exist between people of different generations, yet these people need to co-exist at a point in time: parents with their children, seniors with juniors, pastors and different age groups they oversee, teachers and students, etc.

Basically, while the “old” generation considers the “new” generation as inexperienced and just adventurous, and demands from them conformity, the new generation considers the old generation as outmoded, conservative and compelling, and demands from them change and their independence. In many cases, people lack the information and skill to bring a blend of the different phases and ensure loving and mutual coexistence. The gap then continues to widen with psychological, emotional, spiritual and developmental effects, mostly negative, on families, institutions, and other forms of communal living in our society. Therefore, something needs to be done to avoid breakdowns in various facets in society and ensure that generations’ gaps are managed well for peaceful coexistence.

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