Gender Differences in Employment

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Gender discrimination is a common problem around the world. It means to treat someone basis on a person's sex. Gender discrimination in jobs is unacceptable and unreasonable because is based on the kind of sex not on work performance and qualifications. In some countries, companies don't accept women when they apply for a job or the opposite. This problem has many negative effects society and should be solved. This issue exists around the world and has not been resolved in some countries so far. People who discriminate in employment, they often only think of them self and they don't care about others and don't realize the effects that gender discrimination in jobs might affect on society. Also, there are some countries couldn't eradicate it. The problem is the law ignores this issue, though it is an important problem. Conflicts between society are one of the most negative effects because if they are only hiring men, that will cause derisive between society. The communication will be difficult. Also, single women and gay people will not find a job easily. They need to work for a living. This problem makes life hard for them. The number of single women these days is high around the world. People know there are some women who take responsibility and pay their children education, so it will impossible to do these things without working. Some people say that there are some jobs women shouldn't work on it, like factories and police because they need to a person can handle and endure it. Some people don't agree with what they said men and women are the same in everything. The law must be strict in these kinds of issues and interest about people complains in this issue. If the law didn't ignore this problem, it shouldn't have been gender discrimination popular around the world. Gender discrimination in the workplace will affect the development of the country. It's unlawful for an employer to treat people differently from others based on sex. Everyone should be treated evenly, it doesn't matter if is a man or woman. Gender discrimination in jobs has a major impact on society and is a huge problem.

Workplace Stress

Gender discrimination in employment will make the workplace stress because there is unfair treatment by employers and this effect is limited to workers. The High amount of physical or mental effort leads to stress. Also, stress may lead to some of the health and psychological diseases (Cleveland, Stockdale, & Murphy, 2009). Also, it can affect the impact of the employees as being absent or they don't make efforts because of the discrimination's negative behavior stress. Thus, this can affect the workplace itself because there is no productivity coming from its employees., this is going to impact on the work environment. Stress mostly is negative, but it could be positive, there is a particular amount of stress if people can control this amount and use it in their work. This will help workers to complete the work as soon as possible. Workplace might affect by balance if the number of women and men not convergent or there are only men in the workplace, this may cause a little amount of stress. Comparison of the number of men employed more than women because men produce more than women in general (Black, Sandra E, Brainerd, & Elizabeth, 2002).

Unpleasant Workplace Environment

Gender discrimination in the workplace makes the work environment unpleasant and undesirable. The writers clarify that gender discrimination changes the legal environment. For example, it makes changes to the civil rights law. Which means the sex segregation in the work environment will make the work environment condition unlawful and will alteration civil right law (Pager & Shepherd, 2008).
Working in an unpleasant environment is no one can deal with this situation. People will change their jobs immediately if they are not happy and satisfied because the workplace is considered as a second home for them. People might not accept a stressful job and inactive environment because it's hard to deal with it. The stressful workplace is like a prison, no one wants to be there. Gender discrimination in jobs creates a depressive and an inactive workplace environment because most workers distinguished on others. Thus, the workplace environment will be affected by gender discrimination (Pager & Shepherd, 2008). In addition, gender discrimination may lead to decrease the productivity since the employees will not be enthusiastic and eager to work. They will be dealing with their sadness and feeling toward what they heard from other regarding their gender. Indeed, they might be underdressed when they feel that they are less than the others because of their gender. Moreover, if a manager is a female, other employees might refuse the follow her directions and ideas. This influences the work and its productivity. Therefore, the manager will feel unpleasant and might underestimate herself.

Lack of communication

There is communication between employees in every workplace. People can't work without a connection with each other. Communication is unavoidable, particularly in the workplace environment, where collaboration and innovation need correspondence between workers. High feelings of stress in the workplace environment are a huge sign that there are communication issues. According to Cleveland, Stockdale, and Murphy (2009), communication is an essential channel for passing on data. Differences between men and women in styles or content of communication may lead to misunderstanding. If female and male employees don't communicate with each other, it can lead to not having a good result of the work itself because of the high quality of the work is not available among workers. The relationship between workers seems to be missing among these workers because of discrimination. Communication and relationship among employees in a workplace is an important issue.

Societal impact

Gender discrimination in jobs affects the society in a negative way due to the lack of a positive productivity. People know that gender bias is a large influence. However, there is a gender difference in employment in the world. Employers are also cannot make a condition advantages free to employees based on social status or if the worker is responsible for the house because this will affect the rights of females employees and it has nothing to do with work performance (Sex / gender discrimination - workplace fairness, n.d.). Gender inequality in jobs will destroy the society and spreading lot of corruption. When society doesn't have a respect and morals, this will impact people's lives and creates many troubles. Gender discrimination affects all kinds of society. Each society depends on its workplace and employees to produce more and more positively. Once productivity is not excited in this society, it is a kind of failing that a society faces. Gender discrimination destroys the productivity because male and female employees avoid working together as a result of discrimination and teamwork is an important component in the workplace. Thus, gender discrimination leads to a decrease in the quality of work. Discrimination in the workplace destroys the rules of teamwork. Because male and female employees don't accept each other, they can't work as one hand. Working as a team is important to produce a high-quality work. Thus, employees must accept each other to produce positive work. Additionally, teamwork means help each other. For example, discrimination among male employees makes them refuse to help the female workers. This damages the high-quality work. Thus, working as a team avoids discrimination. According to Mabekoje (2009), the combination of women and men in the workplace has a positive correlation with job satisfaction, separation has the negative energy to the workers. Although there is a law of civil rights, not allowed to discriminate on the basis of sex, there is gender discrimination and is a continuing issue in the workplace (Davison & Burke, 2000).

Family problems

Discrimination in the workplace might cause family problems because, if the workplace employs only men this is going to make troubles between the husband and wife. Also, the husband could control and humiliate the wife due to he is the one who works and brings money to his family. Low feminine participation in some occupations or professions not just affects those trying to enter these occupations. but also, can adversely influence the performance of women already utilized in them (World Bank, 2011). The work of both men and women helps and supports family survival and maintenance. But if there is gender discrimination in employment they will not work together. Therefore, will cause family problems (World Bank, 2011). High women participation rates in precise occupations and large networks can additionally have negative effects (World Bank, 2011).

Increase of conflicts

Sex discrimination in the workplace is going to make a lot of conflicts and struggle between workers because the right law not applied. Gender discrimination at workplace has some negative effects which cause many conflicts between people, like the divorce between spouses because if the wife doesn't work the man might not afford it (Cleveland, Stockdale, & Murphy, 2009). Anything against the law people will not accept it. Conflicts will increase as long as there is gender inequality in employment. All of conflicts that gender discrimination causes it are bad for society and hard to solve these problems after a long while. There are people who think this issue is not a big deal and it is everywhere. thoughts like these which made this problem increased and expanding around the world. The causes of increase this problem is people ignore this issue. They should have been solved from last century. Gender discrimination in jobs has increased conflicts in marriage life and some of these conflicts caused broke up the relationships. Also, it has affected kids and young people their life and education because the parents who pay their education (World Bank, 2011). There is no difference between men and women in function performance. They have the same qualities, so when employers discriminate on gender this will increase conflicts between men and women.

Financial Problems

Gender discrimination in the workplace will cause many financial problems to the society and the government. There are several people who will be financially affected by this problem. This issue will impact on family income if the men discriminate on women or women don't allow to work in some jobs, because sometimes the husband cannot afford to pay enough to the house, so the wife needs to work to help him. But if there is discrimination in employment this will affect on them and makes money problem for them. Statistics suggest that Gender discrimination in jobs will impose financial costs on customers (Pager & Shepherd, 2008). Everyone works to live, so the job is necessary for people. Money one of the most reasons that lead people to work. If there is sex inequality in the work, some people might not find jobs this will impact on their lives because they cannot get the money.
According to World Bank (2011), low women participation rates in the companies may decrease the company income in terms of that the salary of women less than men in general and women work more seriously than men. There are some people who think that is right to give women a less salary than men because they think men must take more money to able get marriage or buy a house. This is an injustice for women most people don't agree with that is kind of prejudice. "In access to these productive inputs result from a combination of barriers to market access, including discrimination and differential
pricing in land and credit markets, and institutional constraints, including land rights and financial rules and regulations " (World Bank, 2011, p. 239).

Single Mothers

The number of single mothers and single women is high around the world and still increases with the passage of time. People know that no good life without money. Those people need to work to get a salary and have a good life. Some of the single mothers have kids, so they should be responsible and take care of them. Gender discrimination will affect single mothers to have a normal life like others. "During early stages of industrialization, when women worked for pay outside the home the situation typically involved single women working in low-paying jobs that were gender segregated" (Cleve-land, Stockdale, & Murphy, 2009, p. 8). There are many single women who don't want to get married, they prefer to stay single all their life, so sex discrimination is going to harm and influence them be-cause it will not let them live like the way they want.

Housing problem

Everyone needs money to buy a house or apartment to live inside it. there are some people who work part-time only for paying the rent or house premiums, so the housing problem will be affected by gender discrimination in the workplace. Housing issue could be the main reason for family problems. People often hear about someone who couldn't buy or rent a house because he didn't find a job to get a house due to gender discrimination in employment. Regardless of gender. Pager and Shepherd (2008) state that gender inequality in employment will affect to own house and might get an inappropriate house because of distinction people. In USA, people always see the homeless on the sidewalk when they are going to work. People know that the homeless don't own home or even a place to stay and sleep in it because they don't work might due to gender discrimination in jobs. Gender discrimination in jobs might not let some people to own house and will cause financial problems for them.


In conclusion, workplace stress, Societal impact and financial problems are caused by gender discrimination in employment. Gender discrimination in jobs is a huge issue and occur everywhere around the world. This problem is important for society because it affects the normal life. It has not been solved this issue in some countries yet. Sex inequality in jobs is a general issue throughout the world. Sex segregation in the workplace has negative effects on society and relationships. The conflicts between people will increase by gender discrimination which affects the communication between people and influence the workplace environment. Gender inequality will cause divorce and problems to the families due to an inability to take responsibility and lack of money. Problems between society are expanding and increasing as long as there is gender inequality in employment with the passage of time. Gender discrimination in employment has a significant influence on society and is a large problem. Gender discrimination in jobs might affect financial problems for single mothers because they don't work which they have not enough money. Also, it makes difficult to own house for some people.

The law should be strict on this issue and take it as an important problem that cannot ignore it. Gender discrimination is something no one can endure it. People should oppose gender discrimination in the workplace, if someone sees discrimination in jobs it is necessary to act directly. Report the discrimination and send it to the place where it should go. In the USA, many states also make it unlawful to distinguish based on sex (Sex / gender discrimination - workplace fairness, n.d.). It's unlawful for a company to treat people differently from others based on gender. Everyone should be treated equally, it doesn't matter if is a man or woman. Many groups of people will be affected by gender discrimination. It is unreasonable to employ or treat someone based on his gender, people must realize that there is no difference. There some people who say Gender discrimination in the workplace is considered as prejudice against the women. Employers liability is equality between workers

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