Gandhi: One of the Greatest Leaders

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I picked Gandhi as one the greatest leaders because he has achieved so much and helped the world understand the true meaning of peace among enemies. Now i’m going to explain how Gandhi lead up to become a great leader to the world.

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“Gandhi: One of the Greatest Leaders”

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    Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India october 2 1869 growing up was a little bit of a struggle for gandhi wanting to be a doctor but his family pushed him to be a lawyer instead he wasn’t good at his job he even fled a client once in the courtroom. He decided to make a one-year contract with South Africa to perform legal services after that, upon arriving there he was quickly appalled by discrimination and racial segregation but it didnt really phase him. Until one day he was riding first-calss in a train and a white man didnt want him up there and told Gandhi to leave but he refused showing he bought a ticket and was allowed to stay, but the white man along with a couple other boer authorities forcibly removed and thrown gandhi off the train. It was at that moment that  his act of civil disobedience awake in him a determination to devote himself to fighting the deep disease of color prejudice from that night forward the small unasuming man would grow into a gaint force for civil rights Gandhi formed the Nation indian congress in 1894 to fight discrimination .

In 1906 Gandhi organized his first mass civil-disobedience campaign called satyagraha which means (truth and firmness) after years of protest, the goverment impressed hundreds of Indians in 1913 including Gandhi under the South African goverment accepted compromise that included recognition of hindu marriages and abolition of a poll tax for indians. In 1919, India still under the firm control of british Gandhi called for a satyagraha campaign of peaceful protests and strikes but violence broke out instead nearly 400 people died this happened April 13, 1919 also known as the massacre of Amritsar after that happened Gandhi returned his medals he earned from the militrey service. Gandhi become a leading figure in the indian home-rule movement, calling for mass boycotts he urged goverment officials to stop working for the crown students to stop attending goverment schools, soldiers to leave there post and citizens to stop paying taxes and purchasing british goods.

Gandhi used a portable spinning wheels so, he didnt buy british manufactured clothes the spinning wheel soon becoming a symbol of indian independence and self-reliance one of the biggest  things Gandhi did was the Salt March it was a protest to britains Salts Act which prohibited indians from collecting or selling salt but imposed a heavy tax that hit the countrys poorest part Gandhi planned a campaign that entailed a 390 kilometer also known as a 240 mile march to the Arabain sea where they collect salt in asymbolic defiance of the goverment monopoly approximately 60,000 indians including Gandhi was imprisened for breaking the salts act still the protest against the salt act elevated Gandhi into a transcendent figure around the world and he was named time magazines Man of the year for 1930 this are just some things Gandhi did for his country and the world. Gandhi died Janurary 30, 1948 from an assassination his legacy still carried on for oppressed and marginalized people through out the world, Gandhi’s actions were able to inspire some other great leaders like MLK and nelson Mandela, and thats why I think Gandhi is the greatest leader through out time and picked him as the greatest leader.  


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