Worldknown Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Ghandi Was a dude who did things

 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a huge peace activist and world leader who showed the world the meaning of truth in his drive for truth.  Gandhi  was born the second of october in 1869 , born and raised in a coastal town called Parbander located in the Kathiawar Peninsula of India  .  Parbander was a coastal town right by the ocean and Gandhi spent his early life in this town. His father named , Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi was a chief minister of  Porbandar state.  His father proved as capable chief Minister for Parbander, showing his strength of a leader. This having a effect on the young Gandhi while growing up. His father was married four different times and it was his final wife Putlibai who was from Junagadh and they together had four children together.  Their final child being the wise and inspiring Mohandas Gandhi .

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 Ghandi was a loose and frolcicking child always playing around his home town. His favorite past time when he was younger was too twist dog’s ears, strangely enough. The spiritual indian classics that are heavy influences in india such as Shravan or Harishchandra effected him at a young age in a immense way.  He identified with these stories and it helped him understand the ideas of love along with truth .Gandhi tried to represent these ideas thought out his life and put these influences into wherever he worked later in his life. Ghandi was very inspired by his mother and her strong commitment to her religion based on pranami Tradition. Gandhi started school at the ripe age of 9 years old and traveled through the school system like any other regular student. He went to high school in Rajkot, he kept to himself and was only focused on his studies than making friends. Gandhi went on to be married at surprising young age of 14 with his wife, together had five children. One of the children died at a young age around the same time Gandhi’s father died.These events caused a huge pain in his heart angushing him. Gandhi went on to finish high school in 1887 at the age of 18. He went onto to a higher education in samaldas college but later returned back home to take care of his family.


        Ghandi was a nonviolent activist for india, he tried to  encompass the idea that you can protest without violence. He used tactics such as fasting in jails or peaceful  protests to stop Britain’s rule of india which caused the indian people to suffer from taxation. Ghandi was one of the biggest faces for the economic independence for India from England. He supported others in trying to make home made clothes to stop using textiles from england.  He gained a massive support for the independence of british rule over india, he was a huge player in that movement while doing it in a peaceful way.

He had a life of meditation, prayer, and fasting which his followers very much admired about him. Gandhi reflected his peaceful ways in his protests and then later when on to do a civil disobedience campaign against the unfair tax of salt in india. Thanks to Gandhi India gained independence from Britain while also helping peace to grow in the country of india.  Gandhi as well fought against the racial discrimination in South Africa. He successfully influenced the ending of  a bill that was to stop people from voting that were  lacking european descent..  Gandhi fought against social issues as well in india and supported the opposition of child marriage, oppression of widows, and the covering of womens faces. He supported women in India and this was a challenge at the time especially for women. He enlisted them into his causes and protests as well. Gandhi fought for what he thought was right but while still remaining mostly peaceful in all his protests or marches.


Gandhi had key events in his life that pivoted him from being the face of India’s most peaceful leaders to one of the most general faces of peace in the world. One of the first acts Gandhi attempted was to oppose a racial discrimination bill against Indians. Gandhi formed the Natal Indian Congress to fight against the racial hate in India. This bill was to stop indians from the ability to vote for not having european heritage. He along with others protested strongly against this. It was simply unfair to those who were Indian.  He became the leading figure in the Indian home-rule movement.  He would struggle for the people that loved him and would assemble his followers when needed. He used a portable spinning cloth wheel to produce his own simple clothing. The cloth wheel became a symbol for India’s independence.

He truly did love peace and advocated through the land of India, seeing how he is one of the biggest inspirations for the country. A huge event was gandhi’s humongous Salt March through India. Ghandi planned a giant 240 mile march in order to protest of Britain’s Salt Acts. Gandhi himself assumed many protesters with him through the streets of india and at the end of his march, gandhi make salt from the evaporated water. He left a huge mark on the world and his presence is still seen in the world. His acts of nonviolence and love still remain a strong mark in the world.


Gandhi most noticeable traits that defined him as a person where the simple acts of love with peace. Ghandi from an early age were inspired by these two traits and carried them on into his leadership. He gained a massive following through time for his mark of love and always trying to remain peaceful in protests. He is still a symbol of peace, love, and truth in the world. The stories from indian cultures like shravan or harishchandra, these stories were taught to gandhi as a child leaving a mark onto his mind. He grew up worshipping the god Vishnu and jainism which practiced meditation, vegetarianism , non- violence , and fasting. This way of life sprung out of Ghandi and was a huge staple of his way of living. Many looked up to gandhi and this way of living reflected in the way he would lead. Examples of this are whenever forming a protest gandhi would make a nonviolent approach or passive approach to avoid violence. He made sure to bring peace to india instead of more suffering to them. On top of gandhi’s practices he studied other religions from around the world, he  made a simple living that would bring one comfort with one’s existence. Gandhi in fact was so known for passive resistance in his life that Satyagraha is now a well known philosophy that is rooted in India . Satyagraha is the philosophy to be passively resistant to whatever the people are protesting against. 

Ghandi was a strong leader for India and his trait of dedication to the country burned through his various campaigns. His people loved him and he loved them, he had a heart of commitment to his country.   Gandhi led a hundred mile salt march through india and advocating non-violence. He was able to gain hundreds of supporters by just walking through the country .He is one of  the inspirations for Martin Luther King Jr. His call of peace and love vibrated all of india and is still seen as one of the fathers of India.



        Gandhi’s truth was one of his greatest feats along with love.  He was able to form giant hoards of people through simply walking around the country of India. If that doesn’t show the strength of this human had with the people then how else can someone show it? He had so much love in his heart that it connected a country together and ran out one of the strongest powers in the world through marches, protests, and gatherings. Some of these being peaceful as well. Ghandi was one of the bravest men to challenge the british and run them out as well. As I have talked about earlier gandhi as well challenged racism in early 1900s which is dangerous for the time era to do so. Gandhi knew that truth was the killer of evil and the shield that he held in his arms as he fought the wrong of the world. Gandhi was described as a messiah and a phenomenon. People thought of him as that, he was so well loved that he is still know as a symbol of peace. If a human becomes a symbol of that , they must have had to  done something beyond words.

Gandhi like any other human though had flaws. When gandhi was younger he was prone to his animalistic features. He would drink, indulge in sex, and ate meat. Eating meat in his religion practices was no supported and because of his animalistic instinct he missed his father’s death. As his father died Gandhi instead went to have intercourse with his young wife at the age of 13, this being the reason he missed his father’s death. Gandhi did have mysonigstic traits, an example of this being that he thought that a women who was raped lost her value as a human being. This being a very wrong way of thinking because the women in that situation had no choice in that horrible action that had happened to them.He also justified the killing of sexualy assaulted daughters to keep that families honour. These are hard things to accept giving how this man had so much love for the people in india. He also had struggles with sexuality and though that sexually freedom would harm India. Gandhi is a human though, we must accept this concept of him and all though he did so much for his country, that he is still a human. Everyone has struggles and gandhi as well had mental struggles in him. He was raised in religious environments  or places where women were not seen as the top tier human.  He did have a huge impact on everyone still , we cannot defend these Ideas but we can still remember him as a great human who liberated india with love.


Gandhi’s leadership is one of the most influential and inspiring that has ever graced humanity in its existence. From his love for humans and the truth that he compelled  to everyone around him. He shook the world with his leadership and is still seen as one of the leading figures that shakes the world. His main strategy that helped him along the way was his truth that he spread around. His truth saw no lies and he bursted towards it like a child to candy. Quote. A huge lesson from him was to just be a kind person  with loving arms. Anyone can walk this earth but you can walk it with a positive intent and peace in the heart .  His lesson of love spread through India and thanks to that India rose from Britain’s grip on its neck. From marches to simple gatherings Gandhi has an impeccable effect on humankind so far to say that he was a phenomenon of a human being. An earth shattering and loving human that fought for what he saw was right.

        His life had simple actions  from meditation to wearing homemade clothes from a cloth wheel. He knew the simple things could make him happy and complete. He saw life in a different way than others. He saw as it a whole wave that enveloped the soul. Around India he was seen as seen as a messiah that knew truth. He also was known for his non-violence in his protests or marches. He advocated for peace and violence to not be brought into any gathering at all. He saw that is was not needed in order to bring peace, beaceu simply it was fighting hate with hate.  He peacefully fight against racial discrimination , oppression, colonial rule, and social issues. Doing this all almost all peacefully and with a strong trait of leadership. His message with non-violence was too show others that violence was not the only way to win. He had such a peace to him that it took everyone with him. He was even awarded the man of the year for Time magazine, that shows how intense of a soul he was. He is still spread through India and his message will be burned into the minds all over the world.  The message of love and peace, that one person can make a difference.

Gandhi believed in the rule of sacrifice in order to achieve greatness . He knew that someone could not complete a goal without losing some blood.  Sacrifice for the good of others was basically his whole  life. Everything he did was to benefit the state of India or the world. Gandhi says  Sacrifice is the law of life. It runs through and governs every walk of life. We can do nothing or get nothing without paying a price for other words, without sacrifice. He knows that with sacrifice is simply a part of life that everyone must face.  He was humble, loving, honest , and most of all truthful.  He was also brave and very courageous for fighting against such big powers in front of him. Gandhi states Courage, endurance and above all, fearlessness and spirit of willing sacrifices are the qualities that are required today in India for leadership .His courage was his sword that stabbed through the control and hate of Britain, Racism, and social injustice. All these traits carried into the soul of his work and continue to this day in India. His practice of Satyagraha  is still very well known in all of India and staple of him.  

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