Using Digital Photography

Advantages of Using Digital Photography Although this is the age of digital photography , one can still purchase cameras that use film. The key question is to ask why it is advantageous to use digital photography. What are the advantages of digital photography over the ordinary film camera? You will still many people that prefer using film not because they don’t know any better but because they just haven’t taken the time to weigh the advantages or are unfamiliar with modern technology much as the person who is afraid of computers. Anything new and different is scary for some people but to make things easier for those people it is important to look at the advantages of one over the other. Before the era of digital photography many people lost beautiful pictures because they failed to take the film to be developed or lost the film until it was too old to guarantee quality processing. Keep in mind that film is only good for a limited period of time so if you misplace the used film or don’t take it for processing within a specific time, you will lose some of the quality of the photographs. With digital photography there is never a concern about the film expiring because there is no film. There is no need to worry about processing the photographs in a certain period because you can take the memory card at any time to get printed pictures or you can download the memory card to your computer and print your own photographs at any time you so desire. Another advantage of digital photography is being able to see the photograph before you print it. Many times with film cameras the lighting was not right or we failed to focus correctly and the picture was blurry or otherwise distorted. With digital photography you can see the picture right then and if it is not perfect, you can delete that pose and begin again. This avoids the disappointment of losing a perfectly good pose because of focusing or exposure errors. You also do not have to take additional shots just to make sure one of them comes out the way you are hoping. Digital photography has made picture taking for both amateurs and professionals easier. Even professional photographs can be delivered quicker because of digital photography and allow the customer to view and choose the pictures almost immediately instead of having to wait days for proofs and then another week or two for the pictures themselves. Kodak name The logo from 1987 to 2006. [5] The letter “K” had been a favorite of Eastman’s, he is quoted as saying, “it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter”. He and his mother devised the name Kodak with an anagram set. He said that there were three principal concepts he used in creating the name: it should be short, one cannot mispronounce it, and it could not resemble anything or be associated with anything but Kodak. It has also been suggested that “Kodak” originated from the suggestion of David Houston, a fellow photographic inventor who held the patents to several roll film camera concepts that he later sold to Eastman. Houston, who started receiving patents in 1881, was said to have chosen “Nodak” as a nickname of his home state, North Dakota (NoDak). 6] This is contested by other historians, however, who cite that Kodak was trademarked prior to Eastman buying Houston’s patents. [7] Environmental record Kodak has been widely criticized by environmentalists and researchers as one of the worst corporate polluters in the United States. According to scorecard. org, a web site that collects information on corporate pollution, Kodak is New York State’s number one polluter, releasing 4,433,749 pounds of chemicals into the air and water supply. 28] The Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts, author of the Toxic 100, ranked Kodak the fifth largest polluter in the United States in 2002. [29] In 2004, the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition’s (CEC) of New York awarded Kodak one of its “Dirty Dozen” awards to highlight its consistently high rates of pollution. [30] However, in 2005, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) selected Kodak to receive the EnergyStar Sustained Excellence Award for “outstanding and continued leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through superior energy management. [citation needed] As an example of the company’s environmental stewardship efforts, Kodak has hosted a pair of Peregrine falcons since 1998. An endangered species in New York State, Peregrines were de-listed from the federal Endangered Species list in 1999, but are still considered threatened. The female falcon, Mariah, and her mates Cabot-Sirocco (1998–2001) and Kaver (2002-present) have raised 35 young from a man-made nest box placed at the top of the company’s world headquarters building in Rochester, New York. From 1998–2006 the Kodak Birdcam website transmitted images from the nest box. In 2007 Kodak ceded primary responsibility for hosting the website to the Genesee Valley Audubon Society under the new name Rochester Falconcam. [31] Kodak details its annual progress in Global Sustainability, as well as Health, Safety, and Environment, in a Global Sustainability report. [ HOW TO APPLY A MAKE-UP Step 1: Foundation After cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face, apply a small amount of foundation to the tip of your index finger. Dot on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin; then blend in an upward and outward motion without leaving a line. Be sure to apply foundation over your eyelids and blend carefully. Glance in the mirror to ensure there’s no line. You can use a concealer to cover imperfections such as blemishes and dark spots. Step 2: Translucent Powder Using a powder brush apply translucent powder in a downward motion for a smooth finish. Translucent Powder helps eye makeup and blush to go on smoother and blend better. It also keeps your face looking fresh and your makeup will last longer. Step 3: Eye Makeup Starting at your lash line, apply your base color first. Then apply your crease color in the crease area. Apply your highlight color in the highlight color area, below the brow bone. Step 4: Blush Your blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks to radiate when you smile. It should go no closer to your nose, but directly beneath the iris of your eye. Step 5: Lipstick Then apply your lipstick. Start from the center working outwards. Things You’ll Need: * Foundation * Mascara * Eye Shadow Brushes * Blush Brush * Face Powder * Blush * Waterproof Mascaras * Lipstick * Lip Gloss * Eye Shadow

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