Fresh Outdoor Air is Foundational to Everybody’s Well-being

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Air quality is more important than what people think it effects the environment and people’s health. The average person inhales about 14,000 liters of air everyday and to have any presence of impure contaminants can affect the nervous system or irritate the eyes, nose, or throat. Individuals with pre-existing health problems such as respiratory or heart conditions are vulnerable. Meaning more hospitalization, lost work days, medical treatments, even premature deaths.

It was such a coincidence after reading the L.A. Gets First Big Smog article my son and I recently moved from Los Angeles a year ago to Murrieta. The air quality Murrieta compared to the rest of the cities I visited I’d say it’s the air quality is above average. In the article I do agree how much smog the city has you wouldn’t be able to see downtown if you’re 15 miles away because of the thick smog. I’ve noticed a big difference on our health since we moved as well, we haven’t gotten sick often and for me personally my skin is clearing up from acne. The outdoor air challenges exist in Murrieta would be the heavy traffic flow that comes through when people go to work.

The factor influences of the air quality in Murrieta from what I’ve seen would be the casinos and winery mainly on the weekends. For the three steps I would propose for reducing air pollution in my region would have to be conserving energy at home, work, everywhere. Decreasing the power plant emissions to burn less coal, crude oil, fossil fuels. Second would have to be the usage of wood for fireplaces and use gas logs instead. I’ve notice this when walking my dog at night of how many people using their fireplaces during these harsh cold nights.

Many people don’t realize how unhealthy whether it is visible or not the amounts of smoke lingering in their living rooms can cause respiratory irritation. Lastly would be to carpool, use public transportation, take a walk or ride a bike. This is something I am personally guilty of and trying to improve myself on. This is what causes the massive amount of stress in our environment, the natural resources, and for the commuters as well. The benefits my region would get after taking these approaches would be the continuation of air quality we already receive.

From the second article Take a deep breath it revealed the possibility Murrieta air quality can end up as the cities they mentioned because of the population is increasing because people see the potential in this area. Better school for their children, safer neighborhoods, and people who had enough of the city are trying to find a better location, but still nearby cities.

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