Freedom Vs Security (argumentative Essay)

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With the advancement of technology, people can now use numerous devices to express ideas, keep up with current events, communicate with individuals and more. The most popular technological devices that are used would be phones, computers, TVs. Numerous gadgets that are used every day include either a camera, microphone or both. What many individuals don’t know is that a device such as their smartphone can be hacked at any moment. From foreign hackers to the government, any smart device that someone owns can be hacked without permission. Organizations such as the government can promise that they will not investigate one’s private information, but no one can be certain if they keep their promise. The idea of security seems like something everyone wants; it is reassuring that we have something to keep us safe. However, security is good until it is used to receive information on almost everyone without their permission.

People are in the United States for mainly one reason, and that would be freedom. There are many individuals that came to the U.S as a young child or their parents came from another country. People come here for new opportunities and a chance at a better life. They also get the freedom of speech, press, right to privacy and many more. Many of these rights are given by the amendments and on the topic of freedom and security, people have the right to be secured in their private information against unreasonable searches. The government looking into someone’s private information and having access to watch or listen to what they’re doing without permission simply violates the Fourth Amendment. They can access one’s device at any moment at any time without us knowing. By doing this, people are restricted and have less freedom. It needs to be where individuals have a more flexible type of freedom. Where people receive security but not at the point where they have to give up most of their rights.

There are individuals that say security is more important than freedom. By having security, individuals give a part of their freedom and what many don’t know is that there are less threats than they think there are. Not only is the chance of being attacked low but having the access to spy on people at any moment without them knowing is against the amendments written in the Constitution. People should realize that looking into someone’s private information without their consent is just as bad as looking at someone taking a shower. You want privacy and to receive that, we need more flexible freedom over security.

As mentioned earlier, one main reason that we need a more flexible form of freedom over security would be the violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment states that 'The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated (…)”. The government has previously spied on Muslim groups by looking into their private information and such, with the argument that they are doing it for everyone’s safety (Zaid Jilani). This has not been the only case where the government has done a similar case. Back in World War 2, the president ordered Japanese Americans into camps because of their race. The actions were accepted by the Supreme Court in a case where it was clearly unconstitutional (Timothy R. Snowball). They didn’t have the technology back then but they kept an eye on them for the reason of the Muslim groups, because of their race.

People give up privacy rights and other types of rights to ensure they are safe. Some would do whatever it takes to ensure nothing bad happens to them or their family. Individuals mainly get the idea of needing protection from the media. They would often see violence and disasters happening on the news and they would get the fear of it happening to them. According to Mark Warr in UT News, crime has been decreasing over the last 20 years in the United States. What many fail to see is that what they see on television is just a depiction of what happened to someone in some part of the world but they get the idea of it happening to them (Mark Warr).

The idea of security being more important than freedom and that people should give up some rights for protection, all falls into trying to stop attacks from happening and other threats. Even back in the 1950s the U.S. government tried everything in its power to try to stop spies from getting information. Since the government has been spying on people for a while, people need to accept it and not be mad since there was no time when the government hasn’t spied on its fellow citizens (Hayes Brown). Security gives individuals the feeling of being safe. On the contrary, security may make someone feel safe but they shouldn’t have to give up many rights when it’s unnecessary. People shouldn’t give up rights especially when there are fewer threats out in the world then what they actually think. People also shouldn’t just look at the fact that the government has been spying on people and instead use it to want a more type of flexible freedom. Where they have less restrictions and some security. 

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