Essay about Freedom Writers and Ms. Gruwell

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Dear dairy, 28 march 1994 1st entry from Sidney after her boyfriend’s been shot – how she feels about it and how she feels about Ms Gruwell’s teaching whilst Sidney’s trying to deal with losing her partner entry based on the end of the film and how she feels after Eva spoke up and told the truth in court about Paco shooting Sidney’s boyfriend and how Sidney feels about having Ms Gruwell staying on to teach her for the rest of high school.

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“Essay about Freedom Writers and Ms. Gruwell”

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I’m Sidney it was my first time that I work through the class 203 I was just a new freshman, and there was this new teacher name Ms Gruwell’s, she was wrecker’s teacher she didn’t even know what she doing or what she was doing at Wilson school. I was thinking to myself why would she be bothered to come to Wilson classical high school, and teacher English with a bunch of pathetic kids that we don’t know anything and the only thing we know is about civil war gang and crime. A bunch of people in our hood are dying we have lost someone close to us friends, family and boyfriends or anyone that we don’t know in our hood are dying through this civil war gang that’s been happening.

I never liked Ms Gruwell, I never liked her teaching skills but I started to realise that Ms Gruwell never gives up she stayed with us not like all the other teachers that use to be with us there gave up apart from Ms Gruwell, Ms Gruwell is the one of the best teacher that you would want to have. Her teaching spirt was deferent compared to all the teacher in Wilson high schools. Ms Gruwell believed in each one of us that we have a gift inside of us we have the power to change and stop all this civil war, Ms Gruwell believed that we can do it and none can stop us and tell us what to do.

Eva Benitez she part of a gang member Eva and I aren’t in a good term right now we hate each other like it aren’t tomorrow. Eva decide to create a school war by inviting her boyfriend and his friend at the school and set alarm so there can create a huge massive figh.t Everyone was fighting each other, Eva and I we were fighting beating each other pulling hair.

Next day later I Sindy went to the shop with my gang and my boyfriend, we went to buy some stuff. After that Eva and her gang and boyfriend driver by the shop Eva got down and went to buy some stuff and until her boyfriend Paco shot my boyfriend for no reason it was like mistake but I didn’t know. When I saw my boyfriend lying down on the ground I was shock and piss, I was crying.

During the court Eva had to testify because of the incident that has just happen, Eva told the truth because she saw the faces of her mother and the face of grant rice mother and sibling Eva felt bad that she decided to tell the truth that Paco shot Sindy boyfriend. Paco was mad very mad that at the end of the court Paco and his friends decided to go after her. But Eva is such a bravo girl Eva have something in her but she also doesn’t like to be told what to do. But I truly understand that Eva went through so much way more than me.

After court the next day at school Eva was in class before anyone else, I saw Eva talking to Ms Gruwell and I decided to walk in and sit next to Eva I felt bad for hating on her we looked at each other and Eva face was full of tears so I decided to give Eva my powder for her to fix her face. Eva and I got along hanged out in class we were chatting dancing together.

Through the time we have Ms Gruwell was one of the best teacher I liked her and I first we thought she won’t teach through the rest of year but she stayed we made her pride and she made as happy, she made as realise what school was and what education was meant for and what the civil war was meant for and how she took us to the excursion and the way we understand how many people lost their lives in a young age and especially little kids age around 2-11 have lost their life it was tragically sad and it made everyone think we were are here to live and be happy, even though we went through so much in life.

Our class room 203 was one of the best class that we have asked. Room 203 is a class of memories and that everyone in that class has become friends, room 203 is class that Ms Gruwell made it become home and she treats us like her own family she stands by us until we die. 203 we love Ms Gruwell she will always be one of us no matter what happen. We graduate we never expect to graduate and we should be very proud of ourselves that room 203 has made it in junior and senior year level and Ms Gruwell will forever be our teacher.

One last thing I forgot say Ms Gruwell gave us a journey and made us writer everything about us and she made us write it in a computer and make into a book Ms Gruwell told us to come with a title but we didn’t have one so she decides to come you with a title for us and called it the freedom writer. The title freedom writer is telling you all about how us kids went through tragically life that we have lost someone important in our life and that we have the right and the privilege to overcome what we are now. Thanks to Ms Gruwell for believing in each of one us and taking care of us and showing us what our life was how we were living in it. Ms Gruwell we thank you very much for you passionate of teaching and showing love to us, and not giving up to each one of us you are our hero and we are hero.

Wilson classical high school we become family to everyone in this class, we are the new future of freedom writers, we have the key to succussed in life and to compilation what we have now. Wilson classical high school doesn’t deserve anyone war like fights drummer shotting we deserve to show love, we have to bullied a new passion to this school and family.

We are family in willson high school.

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