Freedom should be Demanded

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The U.S. Army fights for America’s freedoms. These freedoms are not given but instead demanded. Freedom is demanded because African Americans who spent their lives oppressed had to demand their God-given rights, Muslim women who have no rights when it comes to the way in which they dress have to protest in small ways in order to feel free, and the people in Cairo had to die in order to gain their freedoms.

To begin, African Americans who were oppressed for many years in America had to demand rights in order to gain them. For example, “America has defaulted on this promissory not insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation” (Martin Luther King Jr., 48).” This shows that Martin Luther King Jr. had to preach about America’s lack of freedoms for African Americans in order to make an impact that would help them finally gain their freedoms. If it weren't for people such as Martin Luther King Jr. African Americans would still have no freedoms.

Next, Muslim women have very restricted to almost no freedoms when it comes to the way in which they can dress. For example, Muslim women must protest by doing things such as wearing makeup or showing a strand of hair. This shows that Muslim women would have no rights when it comes to how they dress so they must protest in small ways in order to demand their rights without being killed. If it were not for these small protests, Muslim women would fall into the chains of the government and would have no faith in ever gaining their freedom.

To continue, freedom is demanded and it is shown by the people in Cairo. The people in Cairo demanded their freedom and fought and died in order to help demand their freedom from a controlling government. This is shown in, “nothing up ahead except the gas and smoke and fire that stood between us and our capital, we… placed our lives… some of us died” (Soueif, 76). This shows that freedom must be demanded as the people in Cairo died in order to prove that they would give up everything in order for their city to be free.

To conclude, freedom is not given, it is demanded. This is shown by people such as Martin Luther King Jr., the Muslim women, and the people of Cairo. If it were not for their protesting, they would never have never had a chance of being free. 

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