Federally Funded and Non-Government Hospital Systems

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Integrated Health Care system is primarily the process of bringing together various system process and subsystem in the entire sector of the Health Care sector. The subsystem should be functional to ensure all the entire Health Sector operates more effectively and efficient hence the service delivery process improves as compared to the past. (Jameson & Longo2015).

When it comes to investor-owned, they purchase and try to own the entire Health Care system. They are given some rights of operation. While the Department of Veteran Affairs, VA, are governed by the Federal government. The Federal government acts like an oversight authority for all Health Care systems. The funds are channeled into the Health Care system under the watch of the Federal government. To add on this, funding is not limited during expansion and integration process. For VA, patients get to benefit as they receive universal health care and free services such as free screening for cancer patients, also the maternal sector is free of charge.

For VA, the quality of services will be higher as compared to the investor-owned, a lot of patients will prefer VA due to intended benefits. Investor-owned (academic medical centers) often serve many of the specific medical schools and universities. Hospitals on this level offer a variety of different services to help treat the general healthcare needs of the communities as well as offering educational development to students in the medical field. With federal funded hospitals in the United States they tend to service a smaller population such as the Native Americans and Veterans and they family.

The upcoming 2019 Budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide veterans and their family, and survivors the care and different benefits they have earned through the amazing service they have given this country. The upcoming 2019 budget would total $88.9 billion of which $76.5 billion will include medical care. The funds will provide the necessary resources to meet VA's obligation to provide quality health care, services. And benefits to veterans and their families.

If the VA and an investor- owned (academic institution) would partner there would be some advantages but some disadvantages as well. With an academic institution you would reduce the competition, along with obtaining new consumers, which would add to the amount of research and specialties to offer adding more grants and federal funds and other revenue. Just as partnering with the VA would give expansion of the surgical interventions, which would provide more teaching opportunity to the hospital doctors as well as incoming students. Making the hospital not only a great place to receive services but work and train as well. The only disadvantage I can see in the future is the possibility of case mix with veterans and civilians.

I then recommend partnering with the VA as they have massive benefits to the Health Care system. The Health Care is given the full mandate to ensure there is a perfect integrated system under the watch of the Federal government. Hence partnering with VA gives the Health Care system the full responsibility to work with the government which makes it easier during the funding process, input of new technology and training. In addition, the Research and Development process is key in the Health Care system, this helps the government to plan for the future of the Health Care sector. Also in VA, the government will give a full substantial report on the progress of the system and how the integration system should be enhanced so as to improve the service delivery. (Block, 2014).

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