This is an Autobiography about Kennedy Repak

This is an autobiography about Kennedy Repak In this 7-paragraph essay, you will learn about me and a little bit about my family. And some hobbies The first paragraph is the introduction paragraph. The second paragraph is all about me as a baby. The third and foremost paragraph is about my family. The fourth is about my school history. The fifth one is my hobbies. Hobbies are like something you like to do and you do it a lot. The sixth one is about my future. I don’t really know about that one. The seventh one is the closing. I think that part is not important in my opinion. Me as a baby. When I was a newborn I cried and cried. I was weird. My favorite toy when I was a baby was a Minnie Mouse rattle. I had a dog her name was Alley. Alley would lick my face, and I would giggle and laugh. I giggled too much when she licked me. On my birthday after they sang the traditional song to me, my dad had walked over to me with a fork with cake on it, then he put it in my mouth and I cried for some random reason.

We think it was excitement. That was me when I was an infant. When I was a toddler, on September 19, 2011, my sister Mckinnley was born. After my mom came home I got to hold my sister and my mom assisted. This sort-of long paragraph is about my family. One thing about my parents they like to clean. Especially my dad. My dad’s name is Matthew. My dad was born in Queens, New York on February 6, 1975. My dad teaches 5th grade at Christine Donnell School of The Arts. My dad also had 2 siblings. Like me. My mom’s name is Jennifer. My mother was born in Winslow, Arizona in October. My mom teaches at Fairmont Junior High. She teaches Home Ec and teen living. She teaches 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. I have 2 siblings. An older brother whose name is Harrison. My sisters' name is Mckinnley. I fight with them but we get along most of the time. I have more than 35 family members alive. My school history. I’ve been to 5 different schools so far in my life.

My first school was Joy Christian school. I had the same teacher for my 3yr old class and 4yr old class. Then I went to Apache Elementary school. That teachers’ name was Mr. Fish. He taught kindergarten. Then for 1st grade, I went to Sunset Heights Elementary school. Mr. Fish moved to the same school. I thought that he was going to be my teacher again. Then after I moved to a school closer to my Grandma’s house. For 2nd grade, every time that there was an event or the half day my grandma would come watch me or pick me up from school and take me home. Then I moved to Idaho and came here to Amity Elementary school. All about me. My favorite hobbies are making potholders, bracelets, painting, making stuff that is for my family, making 3d stuff. My favorite sports are basketball, gymnastics, running, triathlons, and football. I only watch football though. I have one pet, and it is a dog. She is named Macy. Macy is a black lab border collie mix so my mom has to walk her every day. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like doing it, but she has to do the long walks because she doesn’t want us alone walking around the neighborhood with a dog. I like too many books.

Here are some of the ones I really like: Christopher Robin, The Babysitters Club, Prince Warriors, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Celebrate the Year With Winnie The Pooh, Inside out the junior novelization, Charlotte’s Web, Shel Silverstein books, Kingdom Keepers, Survivors, Puppy Place, and Candymakers. I like friends that are humorous but not too humorous. Also, I like sporty and fun friends. I have sensitive feelings. My future. My life is good. I have many friends. My job is not quite ready yet. I want to be a surgeon or a nurse. I am now in Medical school. I am training on a test dummy. My hobbies are mostly still making stuff. But the thing that I most love to do is skiing. I live in Boise, Idaho. But sadly I am being transported to a college in California to continue education for being a surgeon. I have 4 more years to go I hope. I have no husband yet. I am going to get a dog to make me feel like someone loves me that isn't human and plus a friend as well. That is my life story or secretly predicting the future. I know it takes a lot of perseverance to go through a lot of school to get the job you want. But hey it’s worth it! If you are wondering I am willing to do all of the work to get this job to help people.

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