Every Individual has a Capacity

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Every individual has a capacity to create their own possibility. The possibility to act, decide and live life the way he wants it to be. But this possibility does not tell us that we can do everything, for we are subjected to our moral and ethical responsibilities; to oneself and to others. As time passes, Filipinos established their freedom and gained independence and democracy, encompassing our culture and traditions; to say in general – was way of life. Cultures and traditions may act the same as the law but what differs them is what is right and wrong. As people were given rights, the right to voice their opinions for a law that conflicts upon their person values, ethics, morality and religions. Specifically speaking about the law in the Philippines, the republic act no. 10354 known as Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act where we will research upon how it can be analyzed in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics.

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“Every Individual has a Capacity”

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The RA 10354 which is designed to prevent maternal deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth. The RH also gives benefits as to prevent unintended pregnancies since half of the pregnancies in the Philippines are unintended which is the reason for abortion, to prevent maternal deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth because Filipina women has no access to reproductive health information and health care., to prevent infant mortality, to reduce abortion rates, to avoid the negative impact of large families on poor families. But to whether if this law is seen to be the good for people because the RA 10354 has been affected by controversy and public debate which took a long time to be recognized.

In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics where Aristotle discusses where virtue is a mean. For instance in specific circumstances we act accordingly to the correct method for dealing with or responding to the circumstance. With respect to why in a righteous character is developed, and the life of a prudent human is a life that is lived well, and is lived by according to moral which are developed through proper habits. It is through this development and practice of moral virtues by which one accomplishes eudaimonia, for this well-being is achieved by sharing in activities that are virtuous.

As to analyze RA 10354 section 2 using Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics it would be for the greater good for the people because it is right. This law RA 10354 that even nuns from catholic supports this bill because it protects them, not as a servant of God but as a woman. The common grounds for Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics in analyzing the RA 10354 would be justice. The law gave fairness to the people regardless of their status, as section 2 stated the privilege to pick and settle on choices for themselves as per their religious feelings, morals, social convictions, and the requests of responsible parenthood. This is how justice would be a common ground for Nicomachean Ethics and RA 10354. As justice was represented this would significantly affect human welfare since families will be more responsible in the future, and children will have bright futures, the faith of the children will be safer than in the past on how we take care of our children and greater enhance the responsibilities of the parents.

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