Evaluating the Quality of the Instructions

The set of instructions on writing definitions, descriptions, and instructions has been one of the major practices that provide details on nearly everything required for the completion of project 5. In this case, we’ve learnt on how to typically brief an explanation of an item or concept by use of words and graphics – writing definitions, forming technical writing that is purposed on creating a general comprehension – descriptions, and learnt how to consider our audience and purpose while writing any set of work – instructions.

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“Evaluating the Quality of the Instructions”

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The Situation

For students to continue understanding and benefitting from this instructions, there is the need for us to learn on how to organize, research, and present the technical information we receive, as well as how to write effectively. This is because such evaluation procedures set forth can heighten the education program through improving the quality of instructions. In addition, through this kind of evaluation process, students are bound to recognize strengths and weaknesses thus identify the areas that need more improvement, and provide support for professional growth. For instance, when describing steps in a chronological order or some other logical sequence, this is one of the common elements needed in technical writing. Yet, this process, rather than documents type of their own, they more seem like parts or elements of other documents, like instructions in this case. But you can imagine description, for instance, being applied in reports concerning accidents, specifications of products, or property appraisals.

Therefore, it is our concern that you assist us in practicing how to analyze situations in the technical workplace, for with that, we will be capable of using the strategies for organizing, styling, and laying a framework on how to, say, make clear the causal relationships among the steps, or in other cases, developing documents that address those rhetoric situations. While making out a description, for example, one can write out by explaining an object with only a few short words, or one can use a chart to show the reader what the description looks like. Perhaps, these are, but not limited to, the areas that we would recommend to have a clarification in order to be able to describe the safety measures or other concerns that will make readers comprehend.

More on professional development, while the goal of these set of instructions should be to heighten the development, recruitment, preparation, and more equal encourage students to define, describe, and provide instructions, we currently face challenges across these areas. Therefore, there is a need for adequate professional involvement to make the framework and the process of evaluation understandable. This new evaluation system would only apply to classroom teachers, especially to students assigned to some groups, and this would provide an academic focused instruction for students.

To further support a high focus of how to state the purpose of the task, there is also the need to know how to state the feedback statement as a response to the performance. This is because we ought not to take feedback statements their own steps but instead should include them in the steps that trigger them. This is seemingly a bit confusing because sometimes, the instructions we make may intimidate the reader.

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