Ethical Problems are Self-awareness and Self-care

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There are many types of ethical issues that we have in our world today. One ethical issue that exists and that is important today is self-awareness and self-care. We should be able to focus on the awareness of ourselves and our health because not everyone thinks about how important it really is to maintain this.

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“Ethical Problems are Self-awareness and Self-care”

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Although we often don’t think about it, not having self-care and awareness is an ethical issue that should be more known. It is an important factor that we know about ourselves and know what keeps us going. In order to take care of ourselves, we should do so physically and mentally. Having this self care and awareness in life could lead to better possibilities as well as the present along with our future lives.

Some ways we can maintain self care is by keeping our mind and bodies healthy. This ethical issue in particular is one that is not very thought of yet should be because of its significance. We as people must take responsibilities for our own well being. Some may say that this is the few of the serious ethical issues out there, but I would have to disagree with this statement. Many people suffer from illness whether it would be mentally or physically mainly because of lack of self-care and awareness. If we make use to ourselves, we could live a healthier lifestyle.

For example, going to the doctor often for physical health and keeping mental health stable, can keep away the negative things that can be thrown our way. This issue can be known as underestimated because us as people could be too caught up in what is around us to even think once about self-awareness and self-care. A couple things that can distract us from taking care of ourselves are working and social media. In order to take control of this in the best way possible is to create a schedule to balance out when we should take time to do these certain things. Everything we do should be done in not too much and in not too little amounts.

Overall, we learn that this ethical issue is for surely not impossible to prevent. As long as we remember to keep self-care and self-awareness in mind, life could be better for us in all ways. Addressing ethical issues instead of simply ignoring them lead us to something greater and a change for what could be made better as well.

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