My Best Student in Mathematics

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It is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Yanjinlham Temuujin who is a pride of our school. She has been one of the few exceptionally gifted students that I have encountered in my career. I was her math teacher also coach of the math team. Yanjinlham has a deep intensive passion for math and protecting the environment. A young woman of extraordinary intellect, Yanjinlham would have the great potential to study at university level in several subject areas. I am pleased to write in support of her application to continue her studies in the field of Mathematics.

When she entered our school’s most prestigious and challenging Math team, she was only 14 years old also became the youngest student that to ever be accepted to the team. However, things weren't so smooth for Yanjilham at the beginning. She had a lot to catch other students who were already been practicing for National Olympiads for months then.

One of the key characters that make Yanjillham differentiate from her fellow students is her high levels of motivation and determination for going beyond the regular class assignments. Ever since she joined the team, she amazed us her extraordinary determination and eagerness to learn about the further mathematics. She spent an extensive amount of time studying independently in order to make sure that she would cover all of the topics that she was behind. She would finish her assignments in an exact day that It passed out that was supposed to be done in a month. She would ask for more assignments. Determination of going beyond the regular class assignments helped her to catch up with the other students in a very short time.

For us, it didn’t take long to recognize her gifted talents in Mathematics. She exceptionally creative in her problem-solving approach. She perceives a challenging problem from many different viewpoints and finds a creative solution to the problem. After six months later she joined the team, she started showing great results in state mathematics olympiads that she participated in. She also has a great level of concentration that she would be thinking of certain problems for a long period of time until she understands the problem. These extraordinary talents helped her to become the top performer on the Mongolian National Mathematics Olympiad in 2016, 2017 and second place on the Asian Schools Maths Olympiad (SASMO) in 2017.

Yanjinlhams personal qualities are as impressive as her intellectual ability. She developed very fine leadership qualities as she became the leader of the team during her second year when she was only fifteen years old. An extremely kind, helpful leader, caring advisor, she always makes time to help her peers. She would explain very difficult concepts in easy, simple terms so her peers would understand easily. She always pushed her fellow students with her deep determination, creativity. In the result, the team achieved in a total of 16 medals from national and international levels olympiad examinations only in three years and became the most accomplished math team that our school ever had.

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