Environmental Pollution is the Result of the Intensive Activity

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Environmental pollution is the result of the intensive industrial activity for many centuries. This phenomenon started to be taken into consideration in the last decades in the last century. Such consideration was from many aspects, including social, official, industrial and bank aspects. The industrial pollution has captured the greater interest, as for its effects resulted from its activity in the environmental range and human health. Many countries attempt to reduce those effects by managing its risks scientifically. Thus, scientific researches focus on finding solutions and means to reduce environmental pollution from its resource, and to reduce its effects on the environmental range and human.

Pollution in environment it the existence of pollutants in the natural environment, which cause negative changes and health risks on human and nature Pollution is the case, in which damage is occurred in the natural contents in the environment or being replaced by hazardous chemical materials, resulting in imbalance in the ecosystem and many health risks on nature and human. Pollutants are the materials, when it enters the environment, causing undesirable effects or negative effects on the useful resources. Those materials are known as pollutants, which is divided into two categories organic chemicals and heavy metals those materials may cause air pollution or soil pollution, but we will focus on the soil pollution in Riyadh. Soil It is the layer that covers the oceanic crust or continental crust, which originally resulting from friction, erosion and weathering of the earth crust by weather. The soil is consisting of earth crust contents itself, including percentages of internal atmosphere contents, which go out to the surface, because of volcanoes for example. In addition, the soil is the environment, in which the first organisms in the food chain plants grow.

There are many and more reasons for soil pollution, but I will mention the direct relation with that project Industrial wastes is the lands are left by factories after worked on them for a long’s years such as forges, mechanical workshop oils leaking into the soil. One of the important subjects in many areas is contaminated land,The land is considered contaminated when there is a risk of inadmissible damage from contaminated during its present or intentional use.The polluted land can be effect on it human health , Surface water and groundwater quality and the visual comfort of the area.

Decision Support can be defined as the assistance for, and substantiation and corroboration of, an act or outcome of taking a good decision.The decision-making process for any problem usually encompasses (Simon 1960):

- an identification phase of the problem(s),

- a development phase in which possible solutions/scenarios are identified and developed,

- a selection phase (a choice of the solution(s) to be implemented).

Several layers of decision support can be distinguished:

- the input information,

- Tools to aid specific decision-making issues, and

-The general system in which the decision is applied.

Geographic Information System (GIS) An irreplaceable method, which plays its role in analyzing the results and develop and evaluate different scenarios and consider as key component of many DSS for contaminated land risk management. A number of DSS are available to identify treatment approaches for specific contaminated site problems, and using site specific information [1-3, 6, 5, 9].

Problem statement

As a major environmental issue, industrial pollution and its impact on the environment and human health is of high priority to most governments and authorities. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has devoted huge resources to protect its natural environment and to minimize the impact of its rapid economic and population growth. All Saudi cities, town and villages have what is called industrial sites to provide services for automotive equipment (cars, lories and other machinery and equipment) in addition to steel and aluminum workshops. Those sites in most cases are ill maintained to minimize the impact of their activities on the environment and soil pollution is highly suspected. The recent rapid expansion of the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made local authorities to consider moving industrial sites within the city mainly car repairs and steel workshop to the outskirts of the city.

The main objective is to reclaim more land to partially cater for the increasing demand for residential and commercial areas. The proposed decision support system (DSS) will be addressing the concern of the local authorities, that existing industrial sites may pose a health risk to future users through the highly suspected contaminated soil. Therefore, a defensible framework to help decision makers to manage this issue is needed. The proposed DSS will be using a quantitative human health risk assessment (QHRA) methods to provide a hazard index (HI) upon which suspected contaminated sites are classified allowing for better risk management approach to regain more land for future residential and commercial developments. Without an information system, it takes a lot of time and energy in the decision-making process. However, with IS, help to make better decisions because IS provide all the necessary information and results.

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