General Statistics and Information

Driving is an everyday task for people over the age of sixteen. Most people may go into autopilot when getting inside a car, but every now and then someone is faced with temptation. Whether it is being physically and mentally unable to drive and telling yourself that you feel just fine, or taking a quick peek at your cell phone. By switching out of this safe driving autopilot, not only one persons’ life, but multiple lives can be affected.

Driving Under the Influence

According to an article published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on drunk driving, thirty people die from drunk driving everyday. If that number only totals the deaths, then think of how many other incidents have occured where people were fortunately spared. When it comes to driving, people believe that they are invincible. “It will never happen to me” is a phrase that hundreds of people think every week when driving; until it does happens to them. Not only does drinking impair your judgment, but once some surpasses their blood alcohol level of 0.08% they can experience slow reaction time, decreasing muscle control, confusion of equilibrium, and lowered alertness.

Smart Driving Over Smartphones

Smartphones become extremely popular in 2007 when the first iPhone was released into the public. While smartphones have many positives purposes in society, they also have some negative aspects to them. According to an National Highway Traffic Safety Administration article on distracted driving, texting while driving is one reason that has caused over three thousand deaths. Many people think that simply giving their phone a quick check for a few seconds is not harmful, though in just a few seconds a person can travel the length of a football field. Thousands of people do not realize this and thousands of people are aware of this. No matter which side someone is one, the temptation is there.

Utilitarian Ethics

What is Utilitarian Ethics

Utilitarian ethics is a form of consequentialist ethics; this means that this ethical system determines right from wrong based on the consequence. In utilitarian, it is ideal to do something that benefits the greatest amount of people.

How Utilitarian Ethics and Smart Driving Connect

Utilitarianism and smart driving actually fit very well together. As mentioned earlier in this paper, not driving smart has its dangers. These dangers can be consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and texting while driving. Utilitarian ethics essentially focuses on what is right versus wrong, and how to cause the greatest good on many people.

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