Education of the Society is a Way to Stop Racism

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The best solution to racism is provision of all members of the society with freedom of speech and expression of their views. This essentially calls for a democratic society wherein everybody can freely convey his/her opinion and there is no disregard for anybody’s point of view. There should be proper rules, laws and regulations that abstain the people from disrespecting anybody’s opinions. Resolving an incident of racism is not always quite easy as not many people are aware of racism or its potential negative implications upon the society. Some people do racism even without realizing it. Likewise, when an individual adopts a racist behavior with another, it is hardly predictable for the people in the surroundings. Only the person who is the victim of racism knows that he/she has been insulted. Racism is particularly hard to predict when it happens among children. Children frequently call one another names and this is seen as a normal attitude. Children are generally too immature and innocent to differentiate between names that are racially insignificant and others that have racial significance.

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“Education of the Society is a Way to Stop Racism”

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Establishment of democracy is one of the most fundamental and quick ways in which racism can be eradicated from the society. All rules pertaining to education, employment or any kind of service that tend to give privileges to one or more races more than others should be completely banned and condemned at all levels. There should be equal representation of all races in politics and media. Racial stereotypes should be fought against by discouraging the telecasting of racially significant programs. The government can enhance the representation of all races in media and politics and all other forums by introducing a quota system which calls for the recruitment of a minimal percentage of minorities from each race which if unfulfilled, should render the program unserviceable.

The best way to eradicate racism from the society is education of the society, particularly the children. Children tend to more believe than learn what they read in the text books. Text book publishing companies should place special emphasis on developing a sense in the children about racism. Special care needs to be taken while dealing with racism among children as it is an extremely sensitive issue with little to no realization on part of the children. “While all name calling should be dealt with appropriately, it is often important to draw out the different characteristics of racial name calling and the particular pain caused by this behaviour” (“Guidelines for responding” 11). In order to reach a resolution among children, it is imperative that parents and teachers make a concerted effort to raise awareness among the children about what is racism and how it affects our relationships with others in the society. There needs to be education both in school and in home to discourage the children from indulging in any kind of racial behavior at any point in life. Concepts inculcated in people’s hearts in the early childhood become stronger with the passage of time and ultimately, they start hating racism and make every possible effort to eradicate it from the society.

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