Ecosystem is a “Biological Community”

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An ecosystem is “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.” My ecosystem is the Sandy Shores. My ecosystem is located in the California Coast. It is where you put your feet in the water and it is just having the water below your ankles. Also it is where the water meets the shore on a ocean. It is where you find seashells on the sand (Google dictionary)

There are different types of animals because of the way they eat. Here are some of the biggest animals on the sandy shore Bat Ray, Leopard Shark, California Halibut, and Shovelnose Guitarfish. Here are some of the smallest animals and some invertebrates. A sand dollar, Pacific Mole Crab, and Moon Sail. Here is a picture of the food chain (

Here are some facts about animals that live on the sandy shore. “Sea Pens can be found anchored to the soft ocean bottom from British Columbia to central California.” The sea pen is an invertebrate and it is common to the sandy shore. The Bay Pipefish can be found in the Pacific Coast of North America. The Bay Pipefish is dried out and used in cultures (

Here are some plant and coral life. These are some examples of the plant life on the sandy shore, European Beach Grass, and American Beach Grass. They survive in my ecosystem because they eat food and hide from predators. There are more than one sandy shore. The sandy shore has lots of responsibility to keep animals alive and to help the people to have fun (

A good thing about the sandy shore is that people are realizing what they are doing to the ocean. One bad thing that people are doing is that they are throwing trash and glass in the ocean and animals are eating the trash. Here are some tips when you are at the beach. Don’t throw trash on shore. Also please don’t take home live animals. If you find a live animals put it back in the ocean. There is more paper on shore than anything else. Our human in pact is getting better (

My animal Life co-exists because when one animal eats another, a baby is being born and that is how the animal life process works. And that is how my animal life can live in my ecosystem. One fact that I learned was that the sand is crushed up sea shells and rock (

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