Biological Symptoms Present with Anorexia Nervosa

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Biological Symptoms

There are biological symptoms present with Anorexia nervosa in which people develop symptoms due to their brain structure or genetics. Previous research has proven that dopaminergic and serotonin genes contribute to symptoms for Anorexia nervosa such as, cognitive distortions, weight loss, compulsive behavior, depression research has discovered a drastic reduction of dopamine genes present in the cerebrospinal fluid within anorexia nervosa patients. Therefore, dysfunction within the dopamine genes could explain the serotonin genes are associated with the regulation of appetite, mood, sleep, memory and leering. However, being associated with the regulation of appetite and the behavior itself, a dysfunction within the gene could lead to various symptoms of AN. Previous research has discovered the presence of certain receptors of serotonin are present in AN but also bulimia patients. Receptor such as A allele of the 5-HT2a??“1438 gene are strongly presented within patients of AN; However, there is not enough information that contributes to the actual function of the 5-H2a-1438.

Research has proven the link between proteins and estrogen as factors that contribute to AN. Proteins such as BNFD have been found linked to the dietary consumption of a person; However, if there's high levels of BNFD it could cause a decrease in appetite leading to weight loss while decrease levels of BNFD would lead to gaining weight.

Estrogen has been linked to AN due its influences towards dietary consumption and women's eating habits.

Psychological symptoms

Social-cultural symptoms

Social-cultural symptoms have been the most recognized factors that contribute to Anorexia Nervosa. Symptoms can occur due to cultural values, economic status, gender roles, social media, professional career, among others. For example, a girl finally becoming a model for a well-known company. Through the course of time, they tell her to start dieting because she looks fat for the industry. The fashion industry has been perceived as harsh and dysfunctional due to the extreme dieting but also the high ideal standards models must maintain so they are able to sustain their jobs.

There tends to be a stigma in relation to who are the actual people that can develop anorexia. It is often seen that only women who are wealthy and interested in their vanity are the ones who fall into developing an eating disorder. However, anorexia nervosa can also affect males and people with low socioeconomic class. When it comes to poverty, people lack the proper alimentation which could be perceived as extreme dieting without even noticing due to the inability to provide enough food. The stigma enables peoples to not think about others who might be affected. Anorexia nervosa is not an eating disorder based on vanity rather it should be considered as a complex disorder capable to impact everyone.


There is a vast number of treatments that contribute to recovery of anorexia nervosa such as cognitive-behavior therapy, group therapy or medication.

In relation to cognitive-behavior therapy, patients are told to supervise their dietary consumption and analyze their own behavior and attitude towards their manner of perceiving eating.

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